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Eco-Friendly Ply

The Sylvan Plyboard India Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 & OHSAS 18001:2007 certified company. It is also a member of the Indian Green Building Council which is whole-heartedly committed to clean environment and a worker-friendly atmosphere. Suitable pollution control devices like dust filter(s) and back filter(s) which reduce carbon etc. in the atmosphere, are in place at this plant too. They remove all dust particles that are generated during the process of cutting and sanding etc. Another important device that helps this plant remain totally eco-friendly is the Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) that treats and recycles water contaminated during various phases of the manufacturing process.

Raw Materials

The finest quality of imported high-density timber and American Pinewood / New Zealand Pinewood, extracted from the choicest trees goes into the making of Plywood / Block Board / Flush Door in our factory.

Ply from imported high-density timber : Made from imported high-density timber , this variety of plywood has a density much higher than its ordinary counterparts. This makes it more compact and dimensionally more stable. It has naturally straight grains that make the plywood warp-free. Its logs are totally stress-free too, which allows the ply made from imported high-density timber to be more smooth and durable. This variety of ply also offers more resistance to moisture and also to borers and termites.

Block Board-fillers made with American & New Zealand Pinewood: The species used as fillers for manufacturing quality block boards are soft, durable, termite-resistant and has a low shrinkage capacity which thereby contributes to its stability. Not only that, these species are denser and more resinous as well. They are used in making block-boards for high-value carpentry.

Quality resin developed in-house: The resin that goes into the bonding of the internal layers in the plywood pieces is also another important component. The in-house PF or MUF resin plant of Sylvan Ply is one of the country’s most modern resin plants,The process of making resin is done under expert supervision and the resin is tested as per IS certification. This kind of resin when used in bonding of panels gives excellent internal bonding strength which does not deteriorate under any climatic change.

R & D

A very dedicated and qualified R&D team is at work at Sylvan Ply, whose constant focus lies in achieving new levels of excellence in plywood-making. Introduction of latest technology, adequate resources and best manufacturing techniques compiled with rigorous R&D helps this team to bring improvement in plywood production here .


12 Reasons Why You Should Buy Sylvanply

Modern – State – of – the – art technology plant Imported high density timber logs for better intrinsic strength and long – lasting value
Imported core composer machine that tenderizes the log‘ s core, avoiding ply‘s warping and bending and maintaining uniform thicknessAuto panel sizer machine to give perfect diagonal and smooth edging to the ply
Imported panel jointer machine to make the ply fully zero gap. Usage of phenol formaldehyde resin for high internal bonding for high constituent layers
German glue line formula for protection from borer and termite attack Pre ply‘ Pressed technology for strong and uniform glue penetration with high tensile strength to diffuse moisture contents
WBS Steel wool machine ply‘ for uniform and unblemished finishing Member of IGBC, compliance with necessary BIS Standards, Warranting our products
Wide Channel Network to cater to the market demand.
Trend & efficient marketing team to provide best after sales service
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