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Top Interior Design Trends 2023: Marine Plywood 

This new year is going to be revolutionary for revamping spaces. In this article, we’ll be discussing all the upcoming Interior design trends 2023. Incorporating new and urban style aspects to your interiors will give you an edge over the basics. Using the best-quality of building materials, like marine plywood, good MDF, granite, glass, and
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The TV Showcase Design Guide

Forming an essential part of the house is the living room or the entertainment section. While thinking of a TV showcase design, you have to keep multiple things in mind. Be it your living room, lounge, or even the bedroom – there’s always a way to incorporate a fabulous TV showcase design. If we think
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Mandir Design For Home: Divine Interiors 

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Every Indian household has that one space that gets a lot of special treatment is the mandir. Mandir design for home is one of the most important aspects while making decisions about the interiors of your house. There’s a lot of things to consider. Starting from the vastu to the building materials and the whole
sylvan plywood dining table

A Dining Table That Speaks Volumes For Your Interiors

The dining table is an integral part of your living room space, and you must pay attention to everything about it. While there is much to explore, one should buy a dining table based on your specific needs and spacing. Remember, there’s a lot out there, including foldable dining tables as well. So, choose accordingly
Wall Panelling Materials

Wall Panelling Materials: Take Your Pick

Decorative walls can surely turn heads if you choose the right wall panelling materials. In today’s age of modular decor and swanky apartments, make sure you’re behind in the race. Who doesn’t love a good eye-catching wall! Right from metal grids, MDF panels, to plywood, there’s a plethora of options waiting for you to take
plywood Wardrobe Design

Wardrobe Design Trends: The Custom Quest

Who isn’t a fan of exceptional wardrobe design? Wardrobe design and decisions related to it leave us spoilt for choice! However, it goes without saying that it comes with a certain amount of confusion. Wardrobes deserve to be fun, and we’ll make sure it is that way for you! While there’s a wide spectrum of
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Wall Panels: The Festive Revamp

With Durga Puja and Nvaratri just around the corner, wall panels will give your home the much needed reboot. Interior decor ideas will be plenty, but you need to choose ones that fit right for your space. Sylvan Ply has all the right ideas for the festive season to not only light up the streets
sylvan ply blockboards

Undisputed Interior Decor Winners : The Blockboard

Designing and executing the interiors of a space has layers of work that goes into it. The blockboard is a building material that should and will cover your list of absolute winners for interior decor. Not only are the opportunities and possibilities with what you can do with a blockboard is varied, the blockboard price
sylvan plywood flooring

Flooring: Get Floored With Sylvan Ply

Here’s another all-you-need-to-know about plywood flooring blog. Once you start seeing the multiple ways you can inculcate plywood into your space, there’s no going back. All you need is a bit of research, effort, time, and good execution. Here, we’ll talk about how flooring can be interesting apart from what you have usually been seeing.  
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