10 Years of Sylvan Ply: Products and Manufacturing

12 Years of Sylvan Ply: Products and Manufacturing

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Yes, Sylvan Ply completes 12 years now, and what a fabulous run it has been!  The brand is celebrating its successful journey in Plywood manufacturing. The company’s odyssey started in 2009 under the flagship of Singh Brothers Exim Pvt. Ltd.

We at Sylvan, offer high-quality premium plywood products and have received many accolades from various communities.

We have made the past and the present successful through the vibrant plywood business. Introspection has been our biggest asset during the process. 

Here’s a brief synopsis about Sylvan Ply, along with their product and manufacturing management strategy. 

A. Product Mix 

Let’s dive deeper into the product catalogs of Sylvan Ply. 

1. Plywood 

Sylvan Ply exclusively offers high-quality commercial plywood products at affordable prices. The plywood category includes:-

  • Z+ premium plus ply 
  • Z+ premium ply
  • Premium club ply
  • Oceanic premium club ply 
  • Robusta premium Ply 

2. Blockboard

Z Plus Premium Blockboard by Sylvan Ply is ideal for both the home and the office. Chemically treated and imported pine wood is processed in Sylvan Ply’s factory, where it is shaped into boards to make strong furniture, partitions, and shutters.

It has an excellent nail holding capacity that allows the Blockboard to assemble into any furniture easily.


3. Flush Door: 

A flush door incorporates a wooden frame over which plywood is fixed on both sides. Sylvan Ply offers the widest collection of flush doors in different plywood materials and quality. You can shop online for Gateway pinewood, Gateway hardwood, Robusta mix pine, Robusta hardwood, etc.

Flush Door
Flush Door

4. Timber: 

Timber is processed wood converted into beams and planks. It is mainly used for structural reasons but has many other uses. At Sylvan Ply, we use world-class timber for plywood manufacturers and others. Imported from different continents like South America, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, etc.)


5. Modular:

Today’s people like modernization and modern furniture for their space. Sylvan ply helps make your lifestyle smarter with their exceptional plywood door designs and modular furniture. Browse our range of contemporary plywood for your next big project.


6. WPC: 

It is a mixture of wood fiber/wood flour and thermoplastics. Sylvan’s WPCs are:

  • Long-lasting
  • Eco-friendly, 
  • Durable
  • High moisture resistant

7. Other Products: 

Sylvan Ply offers products such as Elasto flexi ply, and Shuttering ply builder with exceptional service delivery and satisfaction. 

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B. Manufacturing Processes

Since its inception, Sylvan Ply has adopted a unique methodology for procurement, production, and distribution of plywood. Let’s take a look into the philosophies of how they carry their business in terms of processes. 

1. Raw Materials

At Sylvan, we take pride and cognition in manufacturing because it’s the key to successiveness. We believe that the manufacturing industry’s success  lies in its raw materials and end-users.

2.Research & Development

The Research and Development group at Sylvan Ply contains profoundly committed and qualified people. They continually center around accomplishing new degrees of greatness in plywood-making with a flat-out obligation to solid, hard-working attitudes.

wood fiber/wood flour and thermoplastics

3. Channel Partners

We have built a team of dedicated channel partners who have made the products available far and wide for our esteemed customers. Additionally, our channel partners have been catering to the market demands with tremendous dedication.

4. Skilled Manpower

The leading Plywood brand in the Indian Market – Sylvan Ply, has an in-house skilled and flexible workforce of 2500 people across different religions and perceptions. They have been playing a crucial role in the prosperity of our company. With the help of our team, we have successfully established a brand name in the market.

Skilled Manpower

C. Awards and Recognitions

We know what it takes to stand up from the ground and reach the sky – courage, ambiance, vision, and dedication in spirits! Sylvan Ply proves itself to be one of the best products and manufacturers. The entire Sylvan Ply stakeholder’s efforts to achieve the following certificates.

  • Certified ISO Company: 9001:2008
  • Certified ISO Company: 14001:2004
  • Certified Ohsas Company: 18001
  • Indian Green Building Council
  • Bureau of Indian Standards
  • Honored As ‘India’s Most Promising Brand In 2014

In the end, a big kudos to the entire Sylvan people for constantly pushing this industry to be better day by day. Let’s make it easy for you. Search for  “plywood store near me”  online, and you would be directed to one of our multiple dealers/ retailers. 

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