5 Interesting Facts About Plywood That You Should Know

5 Interesting Facts About Plywood That You Should Know

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Plywood is an engineered wood product that is made from pasting together more than one sheet of wood. It is a widely used material for constructing cabinets and furniture at homes and offices. Before taking your chances with plywood or blockboard these lesser-known facts are going to be extremely helpful in letting you choose and trust plywood constructions without a second thought.

  • Plywood is not fragile & is completely durable: There are both inner and outer layers in plywood. Each layer is about 3mm thick and owing to the several layers of wood that make up the plywood, the product turns out to be very durable and sturdy. In spite of the many layers, plywood still remains light in weight.
  • The best plywood does not warp: The top-quality plywood is made with stronger sheets of wood that are glued and compressed together using strong heat. This makes them resistant to heat and they do not break or chip easily. Following the processes of gluing and heating, they are rotated in 90 degrees, a practice that protects and prevents the plywood from twisting and warping under any circumstance.
  • Applaudable Rustic appearance: Plywood looks rustic and thus, is a good alternative to natural wood. The plywood constructions look quite pleasing and natural after they have been constructed, polished and varnished.

  • Multiple usages of plywood: Usually there is a myth regarding plywood, that it can only be used for making furniture. To oppose this thought, we must bring to light the fact that plywood can be extensively used for panelling and flooring purposes as well. In fact, it would be great to use plywood for these purposes since they are specially made to resist water, fire, and other external impacts.
  • Different grades of plywood: Before buying plywood, learn about the different grades so that you know about its quality. The grades are N, A, B, C and D and they are determined by the strength, defects, discoloration, moisture resistance, and other properties of plywood.

So, these are some of the interesting facts about plywood that have surely cleared certain doubts regarding plywood that might have been lingering in your mind for long. Wait no longer and go ahead with plywood to construct what you want!

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