5 Tips To Maintain Your Favorite Furniture From Climate Change

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Modern civilization has stimulated deforestation considerably. Since the industrial revolution, human activity again nature has increased. By abrupt deforestation, human not only has lost the crucial ally in keeping carbon-di-oxide under control but also triggered greenhouse gas emission, as the result, global climate has changed drastically. The impact of such a change on us is tremendous. Like every other thing, furniture also requires special maintenance and care. The longevity of traditional wooden furniture depends on how one maintains it over the years. Considering the climate here, long-lasting plywood in India can prove to be a better option for furniture as it requires moderate maintenance and care.

Taking into consideration the changed Indian climate, here the 5 tips to maintain the furniture, (even if they are from long-lasting plywood in India):

Use cover:

Wherever possible, always use a cover on the surface of the furniture. It will help furniture from unnecessary exposure to dust, heat or any other harmful substances. Make sure, you are using a good quality cover for your favourite furniture, be it, wooden or even long-lasting plywood.

Use dry cloths to clean:

Dust should not be left uncleansed as that will damage furniture. But never ever use wet cloth for dusting your furniture. The moisture from wet cloth harms the furniture.

Apply Lacquer and varnish:

It is advisable to apply lacquer or varnish at least once every two years. This will help to enhance the shelf-life of the furniture. Also, the attractiveness of the furniture will remain the same for years.

Widely available long-lasting plywood in India can save this recurring expense.

Keep away from sunlight and humidity:

Sunlight or direct heat is very harmful to furniture. It is very important to place the furniture in the right place where direct heat or sunlight do not reach. A country like India, where the temperature is extreme, long lasting plywood in India for furniture is more preferable.

Humidity is very harmful to furniture too. In the case of very expensive furniture, a humidifier can be the best option to protect furniture from the extreme humid condition.

Fluctuation in temperature and excessive humidity in the air harm furniture, as rapid temperature change results in rapid expansion and contraction of the material, thus the structure of the furniture get damaged.

Pest control:

This is very crucial to protect furniture from the termite or borer. Damages by pest cannot be unaltered. Thus it is advisable to use naphthalene, camphor or other mild pest control liquids occasionally to maintain your favourite furniture. Nowadays, long-lasting plywood in India comes with the termite and borer protection proof, one can consider such an option while choosing their favourite furniture.

In general, one thing should be kept in mind that purchasing furniture is a one-time investment, so before making any such purchase, one should check for the reliability of the product. Though in present days, furniture retails offer post-purchase maintenance and service assurance. Long-lasting plywood in India has shown an emerging trend as a very popular material for furniture because of its low-maintenance feature.

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