6 Reasons Why You Should to Buy Fire Retardant Plywood

6 Reasons Why You Should to Buy Fire Retardant Plywood

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Plywood has always been known to increase the aesthetic value of a home. Even the interior designers have a little space in their design formula to include plywood in the interior and exterior of their homes. Whether it is a roof, door, walls, or porches, plywood can be put up in any space to give it a distinctly rustic look.

With the advancement of technology, plywood has also evolved. Nowadays, they not only increase the beauty quotient of your home but can also increase the safety quotient. Fire retardant plywood is covered with a special chemical composition to help slow the spread in case of fire and thus is being used in homes, commercial and residential buildings, shops, and offices.

Unlike normal wood, fire retardant plywood usage will ensure your safety from fire outbreaks. Apart from safety, this blog highlights some more reasons why you should choose fire retardant plywood.

Reasons To Buy Fire Retardant Plywood

You can look up fire retardant plywood use online, and you would know the range of possibilities. Fire retardant plywood is a boon for architects and interior designers. They can now combine safety with beauty and make your home an ultimate abode of security. Owing to their qualities of being light in weight, sturdy, and smooth, fire-retardant plywood is commonly used for the ceiling, interior wall panels, or as wall partitions.

If you are renovating your home or are thinking of constructing a new one, these reasons will be enough to convince you to buy fire retardant plywood.

Low flame speed:

While evaluating plywood for fire safety, one of the most important factors is checking the flame-spread rating. It describes the burning characteristics of the plywood and how quickly or slowly it can spread the flames.

Fire-retardant plywood has a flame spread index of 25 which means it will take 25 minutes for the plywood to burn and spread the fire. This feature makes it one of the safest plywood choices for your home. 

Lower The Fire Outbreak Damages

Accidental fires come unannounced, and if they are not controlled in time, they can wreak havoc and bring down flammable objects in no time. Having fire-retardant plywood is a shield that prevents sparks from turning into flames

The ply manufacturers infuse nano-engineered particles into the plywood under pressure. This treats the plywood, makes it fire retardant, and limits its spread.

Termite and Borer Proof:

Termites are the enemies of wood and plywood. Though small, they are capable of causing serious damage in a short time. The fire-retardant plywood from Sylvan Ply is an excellent choice which comes with dual benefits of being fire-retardant and being termite-proof as well. This makes the FR Grade plywood the first choice of architects and interior designers when designing homes, buildings, or restaurants.

Waterproof and weather-resistant

Sylvan Ply’s fire retardant plywood is not just fire retardant but also waterproof and weather resistant. Since the plywood is not affected by the weather and water, it is long-lasting and offers protection in all seasons. This kind of plywood can also be used for outdoor spaces as it will not swell, or lose strength or color because of water or rain.

Low Smoke Generation

At the time of fire accidents, burning wood releases carbon monoxide that is harmful to the lungs and can stop the airway for oxygen, causing suffocation. The use of fire retardant plywood will lead to low smoke generation and emission resulting in low smoke and fewer chances of suffocation in case of fire breakouts.

Allows Time to Flee

A major problem with fire-related accidents is that the people trapped in the fire do not get time to escape. The wooden furniture, curtains or other flammable materials catch fire so quickly that it becomes impossible to evacuate the space. Because the fire-retardant plywood does not burn down in minutes, it gives some additional time to evacuate the place and save their or others’ lives until help arrives. 

Get Fire-Retardant Plywood for Your Family’s Protection Today

With the incidence of fire accidents increasing day by day, protecting your house and family is important. Fire-retardant plywood gives you the surety of being safe even in fire outbreaks as it does not allow the quick spread of fire and also slows down the smoke emission.

The FRTW (fire-retardant-treated wood) minimizes the chances of combustion and extinguishes the fire automatically a few seconds after ignition as the fire cannot penetrate deeper into the layers. To make the ply fire-retardant, chemicals are applied under pressure to ensure a desired fire-proof outcome. 

Choose fire-retardant plywood from Sylvan Ply to ensure your safety against fire accidents. It also provides longevity and strength to your home, building or office. Moreover, it also offers appealing interiors along with durability.

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