6 tips to increase the longevity of furniture

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We’ll all agree to one thing. Be it for your home or for your office, furnishing it can be a costly affair. A plush sofa set, a beautifully curved center table, a large plywood dining table have all been some major investments. So you definitely will not want them to last for just a year, right? Furniture made of all kind of materials like wood, plywood, metal to the soft seats of your sofa, all have different requirements when it comes to taking care of them. Plywood being one of the most durable and cost efficient furniture making material, needs comparatively less maintenance methods. But there are still certain things to keep in mind.

Here’s what the most durable plywood brands in India suggest about increasing the longevity of furniture (and not just plywood!):

  1.  Fix the small damages immediately. No matter what material your furniture is made of, they can suffer some minor damages sooner or later. Wood and plywood may develop small cracks and a splinter may come off. There might be a minor tear in the fabric of your sofa set. Also water damages can occur. Upon noticing any such minor damages, make it a point to fix them immediately. Those minor wear and tears that may not be very noticeable now can eventually increase if left unattended. You may even have to replace the entire furniture then.
  2. Moisture and humidity can be the worst enemy for your plywood furniture. Dampness on your furniture is basically the perfect breeding ground for termites which can destroy plywood completely. Although the furniture made by the most durable plywood brands in India are moisture resistant to a good extent, but it is necessary to keep certain things in mind. Avoid placing plywood furniture in damp and moist areas. Instead place them in the parts of your room that are well ventilated and receive adequate sunlight.
  3. Make it a habit to regularly clean all your furniture. Just like any other area of your house, regularly cleaning your furniture will make them last longer. Wipe them down with a soft microfiber cloth or use a soft brush for the parts difficult to reach. You can use a mild cleaning liquid to remove grease, stains and oils from hands. Remember to vacuum or steam clean your furniture at least once a month.
  4. Just as it is important to keep plywood furniture in areas that receive adequate sunlight, excessive heat can also be harmful for them. The appearance of plywood furniture can be majorly damaged if they are directly exposed to strong sunlight. If you do not have the option of moving the furniture to a different place, try using curtains and shades on the windows that directly face those furniture. It is best to use furniture made by the most durable plywood brands in India for maximum longevity.
  5. We all love to place small decorative items, plant pots, vases etc. on our decorative plywood and glass center tables and open shelves, often not considering the scratches, indentations and water stains it can cause to the surface of the furniture. Tea cups and water bottles also leave stain rings all too often. To protect the surface of your furniture and keep them looking spotless for long, use cork or felt pads and keep decorative items on them. Also, remember to use a coaster whenever you place your coffee mug on the table.
  6. When cleaning plywood or wooden furniture, the best durable plywood brands in India strongly recommend not using any abrasive cleaning pads like those having metal bristles and wires. Use a soft cotton cloth instead. Choose only specialized wood cleaning liquids to clear any stains and dirt. Test the liquid on a small spot first to make sure it is not going to cause any damage to the material.  
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