Basics of A Modular Kitchen : The Marine Plywood Edit

How many times have you walked into somebody’s kitchen and been completely amused by the fabulous interiors? In today’s ever-evolving interior design trends, finding good quality marine plywood and other building materials is quite the hassle. So, once you see a kitchen as fabulous as that, you must know that there has been a lot of effort behind it. Get your basics right, and you too can have a modular kitchen like that! 

Like the Layout? 

The most important part of building a modular kitchen from scratch is the layout and shape. Choosing the best shape for it is crucial. The L-shaped or U-shaped kitchens work the best in terms of efficiency and aesthetic. 

You can choose any of the two, and you will be good to go. U-shaped kitchens have the perfect symmetry for you to design and place the cabinets in whatever order and way you like. 

Marine Plywood makes a Difference

Next up, are the building materials that you need for the kitchen. Use Marine Plywood to make sure that all you create is safe from spills of any kind! 

  • The certification for marine grade plywood is IS: 710, and you must check your plywood for this before making the purchase. 
  • Sylvan Ply  has quite the product range when it comes to your modular kitchen
  • Keeping in mind that, marine plywood is fit for exterior usage, you can guess it is quite strong and durable. 

So, there cannot be a choice for your kitchen. Look up plywood shop near me online to get the best for yourself. 

Unique Units

Each set of drawers, shelves, or cabinets are modules, and separately, the term is units. Before getting anything else done, decide upon how many of these you want. A modular kitchen from scratch means you get to choose the kind of appliances, fittings, and units you want in there. Each of these parts contribute a great deal to the efficiency of your modular kitchen

Usually, a set of 3 drawers and a cabinet on top work the best for an L-shaped kitchen.

Utilize the corners

An L-shaped kitchen will give you a nice corner that you can customize to its full potential. Drawers and dishwashers come in different shapes nowadays, and you can get something like that for your kitchen corner and utilize the space. And it goes without saying, that marine plywood is your best bet here as well! 

Pair effective accessories and functional units with smart layout management and you have the standing pillars of a good modular kitchen. Add to that durable and trustworthy marine plywood from Sylvan Ply, and you can have yourself a kitchen as fabulous as you imagined! 

Search for plywood shops near me and you will be able to see multiple Sylvan Ply dealers and retailers. Go get the best that is out there. 

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One thought on “Basics of A Modular Kitchen : The Marine Plywood Edit

  • Prashant Kumar
    02/08/2022 at 6:47 am

    I was totally new when it is comes to modular kitchen Thanks’ for sharing the basic worldwide! It is going to help me a lot!

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