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Bedroom Design: Smart Bedrooms For The Win

What are the first few things that come to your mind when you think of bedroom design? The basics will always be important, but for you to be one step ahead, you need something that stands out AND is convenient. You need a Smart Bedroom. Your first step should ideally be comparing your old bedroom and its design with how you want it to actually look. Here are a few things to keep in mind for a smart bedroom design. 

Bedroom Design: Custom All The Way

You cannot begin to fathom the kind of customizations that can be done with plywood beds. So, choosing plywood as the building material for most of your room’s furniture will help you a great deal. Sylvan Ply has a good range of plywood that you can choose from, for your bed. Our product page has all the specifications detailed out. 


If you have your room decor visualised, choose a colour and material for the headboard of the bed that is going to compliment the rest of the decor. For example, if your room is mostly pastel (a green or light pink), a good old tan velvet-y headboard would look fabulous. 

Size It Well

Bedroom design is all about how well you can do the placements. And, placement starts with the size of your furniture. Having plywood beds that are just the right size for corners of any room is recommended. That way, it would be cosy, yet generously spaced. 

Invest In The Right Tech

There is a bunch of new technology in the market that can make your life easy, especially when it comes to your dream smart bedroom. The trick is to incorporate it into your bedroom design seamlessly.

Bedroom Design: Convertible Beds 

Do your research well, and you can have yourself a nice convertible bed that will fold up with the touch of a button. There are remote controls involved that will lift up your bed just the correct amount to let you access the storage area under it. However, it is important that you buy very good-quality plywood so it can bear the weight of such customizations. Z+ Premium Plus can be your choice of ply that is going to make the bed last long and give it the much needed strength. 

All-In-One Plywood Beds

Think of something beyond plywood beds. Couldn’t? We’ll tell you what you need. A smart plywood bed which can act as a sofa, with comfortable arm cushioning. What you can do is make more additions to this. For example, a rotating laptop table can be added to the side, and voila! You have a makeshift workstation as well. Attaching reading lights with different settings would also be a good decision.

The foot of the bed can be used for an extra storage space. All you need is to add a handle that will help that part of the bed up. It will more or less look like a masked cabinet. But, you can store so many things in there, without making a mess out of your room.

Changing Lights for Bedroom Design

Our perception of any space changes with how it is lit. Bluetooth-enable and controlled lighting is the way to go for your bedroom! Integrating smart tech in your bedroom design will only enhance it more! 

You might feel that the price point and budget might be going a little overboard with the technology. But, trust us when we say that it is going to change how you look at bedroom design forever! Invest in the right places, and you will never regret. You may check out our blockboards and wall panels for more building options. 

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