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Whether you are planning to redecorate your rooms or moving into your new dream house, the furniture you choose will speak a lot of your home. They need to match your style, be trendy, match the colour theme of the rooms and, most importantly, need to be useful and durable. When coming to deciding the material of furniture, most of us are of the opinion that furniture today is mostly made of plywood. We are often not aware that blockboards are equally useful and is widely used in making furniture. Or, we simply don’t know how to differentiate the two- what is what. The best blockboard brands in India and the best plywood brands in India sum up the similarities and differences between these two materials.

  1. Material

Plywood is a sheet-like wooden panel material. It is made of thin layers or ‘plies’ of wood veneer sheets which are glued together with strong adhesive. These are then pressed together to form plywood sheets. Depending on the type of wood used in making the layers, like hardwood, softwood, alternate core and poplar, plywood can also be of different types. The mostly commonly used types of plywood are commercial grade and boiling water proof plywood.

Blockboard, on the other hand, is a wood-based board. It consists of a solid wooden core made of wood strips or blocks which are placed edge to edge. This core is then placed in between two wood veneer sheets and compressed together under high pressure. The best blockboard brands in India use best quality softwood for the core and hardwood for the outer layers.

  • Uses

Different types of plywood have different uses. Commercial grade ply also known as MR grade plywood is used for most furniture like TV tables, cabinets, wardrobes, sofas, chairs etc. basically, for most custom made home furniture. Waterproof plywood is used in areas that experience high exposure to moisture, like kitchens and bathrooms. It is also suitable for outdoor use.

Blockboards are used when lengthy pieces of blocks or panels are required for furniture making. This is because blockboards are stiffer and do not bend easily in comparison to plywood. Blockboards are used to make long book shelves, beds, tables, benches, wall panels. These are light weight and easy to transport, hence are extensively used in making doors. Always choose blockboards made by the best blockboard brands in India for building interior and exterior doors.    

  • Properties

Plywood is less susceptible to water damage and is quite resistant to warping and cracking. Marine plywood is waterproof. However long pieces of plywood have the tendency to bend and sag from the middle. However is heavier due to its hardwood core. But for this reason it is difficult to cut, and can splinter along the cut edges. The strength and durability of plywood is unmatched. Also, it can be easily painted and varnished.

Blockboards made by the best blockboard brands in India are resistant to cracking and warping even more than plywood. However, these are prone to water damage as they are known to hold moisture. Blockboards are stiffer than plywood and less prone to bending, hence is used in making structures where longer blocks are required. Blockboards do not split when cut so these can be used to make wavy designs. Due to the softwood core, these are less durable than plywood. Blockboards come in a variety of finishes such as plastic laminates, wood veneers, melamine paper etc. Their surface can also be painted and polished.

  • Maintenance and life

Both plywood and blockboards are easy to maintain if the furniture are cleaned properly and regularly. However they should not be exposed to extreme heat or moisture unless using marine grade plywood. Do not use wet clothes to clean blockboard.

If not allowed to get wet or damaged by extreme heat, plywood furniture can last for more than 50 years. Laminated or veneered plywood lasts long due to the protective layer. Blockboard has a shorter life than plywood. But the blockboard made by the best blockboard brands in India are stronger and more durable than other engineered wood.

  • Size and cost

Commercial plywood sheets are available in thicknesses of 6mm, 12mm and 19mm. Blockboards come in wider range of thicknesses. The ones commonly available in the market are 15mm, 19mm and 25mm.

 Plywood is generally costlier than blockboards. Blockboards are comparatively cheaper due to their softwood core, but the ones from the best blockboard brands in India do not compromise on quality.

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