BWP Plywood Everything You Need to Know About

BWP Plywood: Everything You Need to Know About

BWP Plywood, the most premium kind of plywood, is being used to construct washroom wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, under-basin storage racks, etc. The demand for this grade of plywood has witnessed a surge due to the exceptional water and moisture resistance capability amongst its many features. Boiling Water Proof or plywood is that category of plywood that can endure prolonged exposure to moisture and water without any compromise on its overall quality and durability.

Some of the significant benefits that make BWP grade plywood the most superior as well as sought after product in the market are:

BWP Plywood Superior Adhesive Strength

BWP Plywood is one of the most durable and most challenging plywoods available in the market. The source of the strength of plywood is the kind of raw materials used in its making. Therefore, most of its plywood sheets are made of the best variety of raw materials, undiluted resins, plies, adhesives, etc.

Plywood is a grade bonded with the most superior adhesive. It is devoid of any toxic chemicals. Therefore, it’s a safe option for homes. In addition, the resin helps make sure that no borers/termites can penetrate the veneers of the plywood.

Termite resistance

BWP Plywood has high resistance towards borers and termites due to its additives and adhesives. It offers extra protection, making the plywood borer termite-proof. Thus, adding durability. It is one of the reasons why it is widely used for the making of furniture. The pest and termite resistance quality of BWP makes it highly suitable for interiors. BWP is chosen over other plywood grades because it is best for all weather conditions and can exceptionally withstand a high moisture environment.

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Cost of BWP Plywood

BWP plywood is a much more affordable option if we compare it with other plywood ranges or products. Moreover, there is no compromise on this feature’s quality and resilience front. It consists of uniform thickness with minimal core gaps, ensuring maximum strength.

 It won’t cost you much and will be performing better without regular maintenance. Also, strict quality checks ensure minimal core gaps in the boards for uncompromised quality. 

Bottom Line

BWP plywood is highly recommended in areas with a high chance of water exposure, such as your kitchen’s units below the granite or bathroom. Now that you are well versed with the features mentioned above and the usage of plywood, you can choose SylvanPly, which is best known for the finest quality of products involving the superior manufacturing process. So get the branded quality of plywood and bring excellence to your home.

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