Can Plywood Be Waterproof? Here Are The Myths And Facts

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Plywood has been one of the most widely used materials in homes for several decades now. It has not only been incorporated into our furniture but also into our homes. This popularity is owed to both its versatility and its affordability. In addition, the sheer variety of plywood available in the market also makes it great for us in a dynamic range of applications. One such grade of plywood that you may have often heard about is waterproof plywood.

But, how can plywood be waterproof? It is a known fact that long term exposure of wood to water can lead to damage and warping. But, plywood is used in areas like the kitchen, bathroom and outdoors where they are exposed to moisture, humidity, and high water inflows.

Innovation has made it possible to develop a variety of woods that can resist absorbing moisture for longer periods of time. While many believe that waterproof plywood is a myth, the truth depends on the definition of various grades of plywood, including MR, BWR, BWP, and Marine Ply. However, there are other misconceptions that surround the world of waterproof ply.

In this article, we discuss several myths revolving around the concept of waterproof plywood.

Myths About Waterproof Plywood That You Must Stop Believing In

#Myth 1: MR And Waterproof Ply Are the Same

Fact: MR or Moisture Resistant plywood is one of the most widely used and commercial available grades of plywood. The wood is treated with resins like formaldehyde to help it resist moisture and humidity, which makes it perfect for areas that are generally humid, like kitchens, and bathrooms.

However, MR Grade plywood is not “waterproof”, which means that you cannot use it to make a boat or a wooden structure that will be completely immersed in water for days, months, or years on end.

#Myth 2: Only Marine Ply Should Be Used In Kitchen

Fact: As is mentioned above, there are a variety of grades available in plywood. This includes MR, BWR (Boiling Water Resistant), BWP (Boiling Water Proof), and Marine Ply. The suggestion of using only marine plywood for your kitchen furniture is nothing more than a myth.

This is because Marine Ply is a superior kind of plywood with better quality. It is waterproof to a great extent and is used in industrial applications in places where the exposure to water is high. Unless you are expecting your kitchen to be submerged in water, the use of marine plywood in the kitchen is pointless.

#Myth 3: Non-Waterproof Ply Cannot Be Made Waterproof

Fact:It is common for people to think that since there are grades of plywood that are waterproof already, regular plywood cannot be upgraded to become waterproof. However, this is not the case.

Plywood used commercially and in homes can be made water-resistant with some really simple techniques. Waterproofing paint, oils, and varnish are commonly used solutions to prevent water damage to plywood. In addition to this, these techniques can also prevent rot, warping, and splitting in the wood.

Waterproof plywood is not a myth. However, there are more caveats to the truth of waterproof plywood than you can imagine. The myths discussed in this article don’t find any stock in reality, though, and must not be believed without consulting an expert. As a leading manufacturer of MR, BWR/BWP, PF and Marine plywood in India, Sylvan Ply brings to you high quality and premium waterproof plywood options at the best prices. Place your order today or get in touch with one of our experts for more information.

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