5 ideas to decorate your child’s room

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Designing the perfect little den for your little ones may seem to be a fun experience, but it can also be quite tricky. Kids need a space where they can not only live, but also grow. Children room decoration ideas and tips are best available here. Their room needs to be their playing and learning spot. Also, kids have a lot of belongings and they need places to keep them all. Their preferences and choices keep changing, and their little room needs to fit that. Keeping all that in mind, here’s a complete guideline to children’s’ room decoration ideas so you can design the perfect room for your little one. Few of the best children room decoration ideas are as follows:

  1. Keep everything within reach

Put yourself in the little one’s shoes and design the room keeping in mind a tiny occupant. Wardrobe handles, shelves, storage cabinets, all need to be at a level where your kids can reach. Only then will these be used more! You can use plywood to design a variety of cabinets and racks with multiple holders which the child will love organizing themselves. Let your kids choose the colours they will want their furniture to be. Plywood isn’t very expensive, so you can redecorate or maybe even bring in new ones when they grow out of those.

  • Utilize the space wisely

This is particularly important for small houses where the kid’s room isn’t a large one. Decorating small rooms need a bigger imagination and there are a lot of children’s’ room decoration ideas to choose from. If you can utilize every part of the room wisely with multipurpose and space-saving furniture, then your little one is going to love their little space. Use a bunk bed instead of a normal one, with a study table below. Saves space, and kids love climbing up on bunk beds! Plywood is again the best material to use, because these are durable and look good too. Cover the tops of little storage bins with cushion which can be used as sitting spaces as well as the perfect storage for all the toys that are sure to lie around the floor.

  • Leave space for play

For kid’s rooms, less is usually more. Do not stuff their room with a lot of furniture, instead keep some free space where your child can play as they wish. Put colourful carpets or mattresses on the floor. You can also put a floor-level house-frame bed or a tent-themed bed instead of a normal one that can double up as a play-zone.  Be creative with children’s’ room decoration ideas. Put in a small wooden swing if you have the space. Since your child will eventually grow out of the size of the swing, it is better to use a plywood swing that is strong but also cheaper than wood.

  • More stuff, more storage

From toys, books, art supplies to clothes, those little humans own a lot of stuff! Also, kids are collectors and they love to store whatever they collect. Add enough storage space to your kid’s room in the form of wardrobes, cabinets, drawers, shelves, shoe racks, book shelves. Use safe plywood for children and allow them to stick pictures and stickers on them the way they like to. You can always peel them off later if needed. Add some fun letters or numbers to the drawers and storage bins so your kid remembers where to put what. While most cabinets and shelves can be covered, also remember to keep some open wall-mount shelves where they can display their favourite toys or drawings. Under-the-bed storage crates are also a great way to de-clutter.

  • Walls and ceilings they will love

Kids love colours, but it is difficult to choose the right colour for their room. Your little girl may want hot pink walls now, but that does not mean she will want that always. Hence it is better to keep a neutral canvas in kid’s rooms and add colours through other decorations. Kids love drawing on walls. Create a continuous art canvas for them by painting one of the walls with chalkboard paint. Hang up inexpensive fairy lights on the walls and bed frames to add some magic. Glow in the dark paints and stickers are easily available in stores. Use these to decorate the walls and ceilings so that the kids are excited to switch off the lights. They are definitely going to love looking up at the glow-in-the-dark night sky from the bed! 

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