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CSR or Corporate Social Responsibilities refers to a company’s ongoing commitment to contributing to economic development while enhancing the workforce, local community, and society’s quality of life. At Sylvan Ply, we believe that an organization is a family, a team of professionals working in harmony in all ups and downs. This is why our prime focus is to take the best possible care of the most valuable asset.

Mr Jai Prakash Singh, the renowned chairman & director of Sylvan Ply (India) Pvt. Ltd., always had a desire to contribute to society since he was a child. He was motivated by the individuals around him who were actively involved in social work and providing services to society. He believes in living a modest life free of luxury. He always believes that – “Without Social Values, Life is incomplete” and the same concept is also mirrored in his work culture, where he practised Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Initiative Of CSR Activities By Sylvan Ply

Although Mr Jai Prakash Singh has been associated with diverse social endeavours, his first-ever big accomplishment was the revival of ‘Akhil Bhartiya Kshatriya Samaj’ in 2008. He chose such a platform to accomplish his dreams of being active in the social development sector. By appreciating the thoughts of our honourable Chairman, Sylvan Ply took an initiative called “Shakti.”

We organized a CSR activity based on the “Women Safety & Awareness Campaign” at Varanasi, Ghazipur, & Chandauli to assist women across the globe about safety and security. Due to the increased crime against women, our team decided to take initiative to help women worldwide through this campaign. At Sylvan Ply, we believe in strength and as we know that women are the embodiment of strength, so we organized a campaign at different places to offer more support and strength to all the women.

Along with participating in social activities, we also value our team and hence keep on organizing activities to boost their enthusiasm. The activities that we have participated in the previous time are –

Other Activities At Sylvan Ply

  • Dealer Meet at Novotel
  • Participation at Park Circus Trade Fare
  • Participation at ABID Kolkata (Science City)
  • Dealers and Interiors Dubai Tour
  • Jamshedpur Contractors Factory Visit
  • Deoghar Contractors factory Visit
  • Phuket Interior Architect Tour
  • Cricket Tournament Siliguri
  • Dealer Meet Chalsa
  • CSR Freedom Run

The business should not only be about making money but taking responsibility as well. Sylvan Ply believes and adheres to the principle that it should be about the public benefit rather than personal greed. We hope the initiatives taken by us will surely do good and help the world become a better place. Along with this, we also believe in selling a genuine and quality product at the best prices. With us, you can remain assured of getting quality waterproof plywood and other range of plywood. Day by day, we are working our best to offer you the best.

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