Difference between WPC plywood vs plywood

What Makes WPC Better Than Plywoods

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The WPC boards and plywoods are the most popular for making furniture and cabinets at home or in the office. They are the most favoured materials by interior designers, builders, homeowners, etc. Over the years, their importance and popularity have grown worldwide. However, WPC has taken the lead as it is considered an environment-friendly material. WPC is the most durable, convenient, cost-effective, and low-maintenance material. WPC is a hybrid material made of polymer fibre, additives, and calcium carbonate.  

It is an engineered material and surpasses all the disadvantages of conventional building materials. WPC is versatile that allows you to come up with new designs with flexibility, whereas plywood are not that flexible. WPC is a versatile building material for both indoor and outdoor designing. It looks great and is durable, lightweight, sturdy, moisture, fire, and termite resistant. Nowadays, there is a growing demand for WPC because of its flexibility, superior features, long-lasting quality, and viability.

Here are a few reasons that make WPC the most sought-after material than product. On the other hand, the plywood cost is higher. Thus, that may derail the need of the client.

Reasons that make WPC the most sought-after material than plywood.


WPC is highly flexible when compared to plywood. Therefore, you can give it any shape and design at your convenience. Moreover, there are no limitations in designing because of WPC’s flexibility. Hence it is helpful for various decorations.

Environment -Friendly

WPC involves a 100% safe manufacturing process, not releasing any pollutants in air or water. Moreover, there is no involvement of cutting trees in manufacturing WPC. Whereas in the case of plywood, there is a fear of deforestation.

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Durable and Sustainable

WPC is the most durable and long-lasting material. It is water-resistant, fire-resistant, termite and borer-resistant, fungus-resistant, and resistant to almost all weather conditions. WPC also doesn’t split when exposed to heat and moisture, whereas plywood is not the same case.


WPC product is economical and fits any budget while plywood cost is higher. They are versatile, durable, sturdy, long-lasting and at the same time are in the reach of people of all budgets. It is an outstanding interior utility product with a smooth finish at better prices.


So, go ahead and make a wiser choice by choosing Sylvan Ply. It is one of the leading brands helping people build beautiful homes, make dream projects come alive, and build offices that provide a charismatic environment. Go environment-friendly by choosing WPC best quality plywood from the wide range of sheets from Sylvan Ply. You can trust us for meeting all the standards, best-in-class WPC, and competitive prices.

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