Distinction between Flame Retardant and Fire Retardant

Distinction between Flame Retardant and Fire Retardant

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Both fire retardants and flame retardants work to contain the fire, prevent its spread and also help reduce the amount of damage caused. 

They are essential for the safety of homes and buildings as they provide additional time to evacuate if any unfortunate event occurs.

For safety purposes, most plywood companies make fire-resistant plywood using organic and inorganic salts filled into the wood through water-based solutions with the help of high pressure.

fire retardants.

This blog tells you about the distinction between flame and fire retardants. So, without any further ado, let’s get to the points. 

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Difference Between Fire Retardant and Flame Retardant!

Are They The Same?

Not technically!

Fire Retardant is used to prevent the spread of fire through the use of specific chemicals. Fire retardant plywood is treated with chemicals that act as a barrier against the flame and stop them from spreading. The chemically treated wood chars but does not oxidize thereby reducing the spread of fire in a building.

As mentioned earlier, fire retardants contain a specific mixture of chemicals and are available in various forms, including special powders, paints, foams, and sprays. The mixture can be applied to the ply in different ways.

Flame Retardant is a substance that can be added to combustible materials to prevent or slow the spread of fire. Flame retardants are most commonly applied to textiles, plastics, and coatings to help protect objects from fire. 

For making flame retardants, various chemicals can be used to make effective safety equipment. The materials can react differently when come in contact with fire, so a specific type of flame retardant is to be carefully added to each material.

Flame Retardant

How Do Fire Retardants Work?

Firstly, those fire retardants are not coated directly on the fire. 

The fire retardants work in three ways:

  • Heat removing
  • Coating the object’s surface (so the fuel can’t get oxidized).
  • Reducing the air around the fire

Retardants react with forest fuels so that their decomposition during the fire changes their nature. Thus, they do not use ignition or spark combustion. 

The rate of propagation of the flame is reduced, and the heat of the fire is reduced due to the slow-burning, preventing the fire from spreading. 

Uses of Fire Retardants

Fire retardants are mostly used in areas like the forest or buildings because it is used in large quantities, carriage helicopters or planes are used for their transportation, and through these, the fire retardant is dropped on the fire.

How Do Flame Retardants Work?

Flame retardants’ utility depends on what it is used for and how the chemicals react to it.

Like fire retardants, some flame retardants experience an endothermic reaction when heated. They reduce the flammability of the surface of objects or buildings by reducing the presence of oxygen and gas in the vicinity of burning objects. Owing to the properties, flame retardants are used in thermal shielding or by coating the surface of an object.

Uses of Flame Retardants

While fire retardants are used to prevent any heavy damage to buildings from fire, flame retardants are commonly used indoors on items such as furnishings and electronics.

In addition, electronics and plywood is a common cause of the fire, so coating such equipment can help reduce  risks. 

Many furnishing items for the home are sold with flame retardant coatings these days

The Importance of Fire Safety in Your Home Or Building

The most common cause of fire in any space is wooden furniture. To prevent fire-related accidents, take a look at these points-  

  • Always confirm that the furniture you buy is built with fire-resistant materials
  • Purchase your home furnishing from well-known manufacturers
  • Check the plywood rating and the manufacturer rating
  • Always read the labels and instructions for toxic chemicals and building and construction materials
The Importance of Fire Safety in Your Home Or Building

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