Enhance Your Home’s Curved Architecture with Sylvan Ply’s Elasto Flexi Ply

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The aesthetics of your house are defined by how its elements interact with each other. The design and the lines in your home’s decor mingle together to create a beautiful look. However, in recent years, the clean lines and geometrical shapes in homes have been replaced by curvy elements that introduce a feeling of comfort to the space.

The smooth curvatures carry energy that they also lend to the rest of the room, and what better than thin wood plies/veneers to replace your straight edges with something smoother? With flexible wood, you can take the aesthetics of your space up a notch.

So in this article, we discuss some of the most common ways to incorporate flexible wood into the curvy aesthetic of your home/office decor- have a look!

Using Wood Veneers For Curvy Aesthetics

  • Curved Walls
    Curved walls look great in foyers and lobbies. However, if you have a curved wall that just can’t capture the attention of your guests, you can easily transform that into a focal point for the room. The right kind of wood veneer can accentuate the feel of the whole space with its smooth curves and opulent wood look. In addition, the warm touch of wooden hues in your space will make it welcoming and alluring.

  • Arched Doorway or Ceiling
    The traditional architecture has a distinct allure because of its grand arched ceilings and doorways. To replicate the look today, you can ask your designer to plan the space in a way that the focus of the room is drawn towards the arch. To take care of the rest, your interior designer can line the space with thin flexible wood for the best look.

  • Bars, Counters, and Islands
    If you are a fanatic for architectural elements like Ssmi-round bars, fancy tabletops, and kitchen islands, you can easily introduce wood veneers to uplift the overall look. The use of lights under the counter can add to the overall smoothness of curved polished wood, an ambiance that looks luxe and functional at the same time.

  • Cylindrical Columns
    Columns are omnipresent when you plan a construction. While it is the genius of an architect to plan the space in a way that helps hide these columns as best as possible, it is not always feasible to do so. But why do you need to hide them when you can simply embrace these round columns? Simply enveloping them in wooden veneers can help you turn a regular old column into a decorative item.

At Sylvan Ply, we curate an amazing collection of Elasto Flexi Ply, a range of flexible wood that can be moulded into a shape of your liking. They are made to be the perfect choice for your curved decor. Resistant to cracking and spectacular to look at, these flexible plies will be the perfect choice for your plyboard furniture. Head on to our website and choose what fits you the best. Get in touch with us today, contact +91 90736-85001.

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