Essential Checklist For Acquiring The Best Quality Plywood

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A strong foundation can only be achieved if you invest in the best quality raw materials. So, when it comes to making doors, furniture, shelves, etc. for your homes and offices, you must invest in the most primary quality plywood like BWR plywood and more. Here are those essential aspects that should find a place on your checklist.

  1. Purpose of application: Before you purchase the plywood, it is extremely crucial to decide where you want to install it. Commercial or MR grade plywood would be great if you want to make furniture to be used in dry areas like bedrooms, study rooms, or living rooms. Similarly, BWR plywood or waterproof grade will be great if you use it in areas that are exposed to moisture or water like the bathroom or kitchen.
  2. ISI certification: The Bureau of Indian Standards has provided specific guidelines to plywood manufacturers to prepare plywood as per the primary and secondary levels of quality. Of these, the best quality plywood is always ISI certified. IS: 303 is the standard for MR, BWR, and Commercial grade plywood. On the other hand, IS: 710 is the standard for Marine or Waterproof plywood. So, the next time you go to buy plywood, check the ISI mark underneath for the CML number to identify its standard and quality.
  3. Get a small piece instead of the whole board: Avoid the small sample pieces that plywood dealers or manufacturers give you. These can be of really good quality and may not be cut out from the mainboard which might have inferior quality. It is always wise to ask for a small piece from the main plywood board that you want to buy.

    Be it MR or BWR plywood, if the dealer is genuine, you will not be deceived by the small piece for quality testing purposes. It will help in figuring out whether the plywood sample that you have been given is a full-core, full-panel or not, whether it will be able to hold nails and screws, its thickness, etc.
  4. Know the grading system: Plywood is graded by the quality of each hardwood veneer. The front face is graded using a grading scale of A-D. Here, A denotes the highest and D denotes the lowest quality marks. Similarly, the back face is graded on a scale of 1-4 where 1 is the highest and 4 is the lowest. Plywood with the highest grades is smoother and the best.
  5. Check the Plywood for E1 Emission Label: Opt for the plywood that has E1 label on it. E1 emission is a European formaldehyde emission standard that allows the formaldehyde emission to a maximum level of 0.07 ppm. Formaldehyde has the property of causing cancer, so if the level of it is maintained in the furniture and other wood products, it will be safer for the workers and consumers in the furniture industry.
  6. Choose Water Resistant Plywood: Choose water-resistant plywood for furniture that has a property to resist water and is suitable for all weather conditions.

Now, what are you waiting for? Give your home or office a grand makeover by furnishing and remodelling the mainboard with furniture and fittings made with the best quality plywood. Get your ideas, buy the plywood and turn the ideas into reality!
SylvanPly gives the most cherished experiences when you buy plywood from us. We have a range of plywood that varies in color, texture, and quality. You just need to tell us your purpose of purchase and we will assist you with our best intentions and effort.

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