Everything You Need to Know About Blockboard

Everything You Need to Know About Blockboard

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There are different types of construction materials available in the market nowadays. Therefore, you have plenty of options when you look for engineered wood such as plywood, blockboard, particleboard, etc. The availability of so many choices makes it more challenging to choose according to your requirement. One of the most sought-after materials these days is blockboard offered by Sylvan Ply. It is usually made of softwood strips and used in making doors, benches, bookshelves, wall paneling, and more.

Everything You Need to Know About Blockboard

Blockboards are available in different sizes and thicknesses in the market. The blockboard price varies depending on their size and thickness. They usually come in sizes 8ft x 4ft, 6ft x 3ft, etc., and different thicknesses like 16 mm, 25 mm, and more. This blog will cover everything you need to know about blockboards. 

What is a blockboard?

Blockboard is a specially engineered product in which the woodblocks replace the veneer layers in the core. The manufacturers use softwood strips in manufacturing the blockboards. The strips are arranged edge to edge, sandwiched between softwood or hardwood veneers, and glued under extreme pressure and heat.

The wooden strips in the core run lengthways provide it maximum strength. As far as the choice is concerned, many interior designers and homeowners prefer them. In addition, blockboards offer ease of use as they do not bend or sag. They are primarily available in MR grade and BWP grade and used as a substitute for plywood.

They are great if you want to have bookshelves, tables, benches, and wall paneling made out of them. At Sylvan Ply, you will find a superior quality blockboard called Oceanic Premium Club. It is a world-class product with incredible qualities, providing immense strength. Our customers vouch for our high-quality standards and durability. You can use it for making almirah cabinets, doors, ceilings, etc. 

It has an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial coating and a super smooth finish. We use the best quality imported pine wood in making premium blockboards. It has excellent nail and screw holding capacity and water absorption below 1%. It comes in various thicknesses such as 16 mm, 19 mm, and 25 mm. And the best part is you can have a warranty certificate. 

Office and Home Furniture

If you are looking for an excellent option for your home and office furniture, you can opt for a top-grade blockboard, Primo Plus, from Sylvan Ply. It is the toughest blockboard you have in the market. We use 100% New Zealand pine wood that provides high durability and strength. You can use it for making furniture, shutters, partitions, racks, and shelves.

Everything You Need to Know About Blockboard

Types of Blockboards

The primary wood used to make blockboards is softwood, and sometimes they are also made of hardwood. The blockboards are mainly of two types of categories such as:

1. BWP Block Board (Boiling Water Proof) 

It has excellent strength and durability; the finish is anti-fungal and humidity resistant. BWP blockboards are great for areas that are water prone and humid. It plays an imperative role in making furniture, railway carriages, etc.

2. MR Blockboard (Moisture Resistant)

For making interior furniture, the moisture-resistant blockboard is highly preferable. The manufacturers make use of unique moisture-resistant adhesive in making MR blockboards. The special glue used in the making makes MR blockboards moisture and humidity-resistant. They are a perfect choice for ceilings, paneling, etc.

MR Blockboard (Moisture Resistant)

Features of Blockboard

  • They have an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial coating.
  • They have high-density durability and come with uniform thickness.
  • They come with an excellent quality smooth finish and are borer and termite-proof.
  • When you place heavy weights or objects on them, they do not bend or sag.
  • They are 100% boiling waterproof and moisture resistant.
  • Because of the usage of softwood mainly, blockboards are lighter in weight.
  • The blockboards can be easily cleaned and maintained.
  • They are easy to work with and do not split or warp.
  • They are poor conductors of heat, sound, and electricity.
  • They are glued together with excellent adhesive.

Uses of Blockboards

Nowadays, blockboards are the first choice for various purposes. They are more in demand nowadays as durable, lightweight, and cost-effective. However, choosing a reliable brand that manufactures blockboards is essential. You get high-quality standards when choosing Sylvan Ply for purchasing blockboards. Here are the various uses of blockboards:

  • Wall panels
  • Benches and tables
  • Bookshelves
  • Almirah cabinets, cupboard cabinets
  • Doors, flooring
  • Ceiling, wall partition
  • Prefabricated houses
  • Railway carriages, bus bodies
  • Ship floor
  • Boatbuilding
  • Cooling towers 
  • Paneling in bulkheads


If you are looking for excellent quality blockboards, we at Sylvan Ply have an incredible range of blockboards. We have blockboards as per your requirements, such as making furniture, cabinets, ceiling, boatbuilding, and all commercial fixtures. You can find all the best qualities and features of a blackboard in blockboards manufactured by Sylvan Ply. We help you shape your dream homes and projects with our high-quality, top-grade blockboards. Contact us today at   +91 90736-85001.

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