Everything You Need to Know About Fire-Retardant Plywood!

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Accidents are the reason why a majority of the world’s population believes in the old saying “prevention is better than cure.” They jump at you unannounced and can leave you with a lot of trauma and financial losses. Especially when the accidents concern fires, it is of great importance that you have all necessary measures in place to prevent the mishap, or reduce the damage in case it has already started.

In a time where wood has become an essential part of our daily lives, preventing fire-related accidents has become paramount in importance. Science and R&D have been an integral part of building a safer life for everyone on the planet, and as a result of the constant innovation, we have been able to develop solutions like Fire Retardant Plywood or Fire Rated Plywood.

In this blog, we talk about some of the most important characteristics of fire rated plywood. Read on:

What is Fire Rated Plywood?

As the name suggests, fire retardant plywood is rated to offer a high level of resistance to fire ignition and propagation as compared to other wood-based materials. In simpler terms. These plywoods can resist igniting and help slow down the growth of the fire for a considerable amount of time. These properties come through a suitable chemical treatment that helps in resisting the penetration of fire and slows down the burning process of the wood inside the ply.

For an exact idea of how good a fire retardant plywood can be, for every 6 mm of thickness, the plywood can slow down flame penetration by 15 minutes. If you think about this time in terms of a real scenario of a fire in a house, 15 minutes can be enough time to take everyone out to safety.

Why Choose Fire Retardant Plywood?

  • Reduced Chances of Fire
    Unfortunate situations like fire do not knock on your door in advance. The consequences of these accidents might result in severe trauma and of course property loss. Indeed, prevention is essential and fire retardant plywood is one of the best things that you can install.
    The low flammability of the fire-retardant plywood reduces the possibility of spark or ignite and this plywood is created using an innovative approach and cutting-edge technology. Its nano-engineered particles provide minimal flammability which minimises the likelihood of fires in your home or business.

  • Gives You Time To Escape
    Escaping out of a building is a major issue during a fire disaster. The furniture catches fire so quickly that it becomes nearly impossible to escape. Fire retardant plywood delays the spread of fire on a material’s surface and gives you time to escape. Even when the plywood is completely burned down, the chemical treatment contained in it remains structurally intact. Flames take more than 50 minutes to penetrate a sheet of fire retardant plywood. You have enough time to flee safely before the plywood walls crumble into ashes.

  • Low Smoke Generation & Other Emissions
    The discharge of smoke and hazardous gases during a fire accident causes severe asphyxia, which impedes the evacuation process. Technological improvements have led to fire-retardant compounds that improve the ply’s capacity to release minimal smoke, allowing hazardous gases like carbon dioxide emitted by burning wood to be reduced significantly. This ensures that you remain protected if such a disaster occurs.
  • Waterproof & Weather-Resistant
    Apart from ensuring fire safety, fire-retardant plywood is also waterproof and weather-resistant in nature. FR grade plywood is created in a way that it merely remains fire retardant or weather-resistant. Because of the improved technology used in the production sector, water-proof plywood can now also be fire-resistant.

Incidents can happen at any time without knocking on your door. By considering this, you need to be well-prepared in advance. To avoid such a situation, investing in materials like fire-retardant and waterproof plywood is the perfect choice for your home, office, and other places. Sylvan ply brings you the best quality plywoods manufactured in accordance with IS 710 & IS 5509 that keep your place safe and attractive. Explore our wide range of plywood and make a choice accordingly.

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