A Quick Guide To Fire Retardant Plywood

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Fire retardant plywood is used for making a ply door, cupboards, benches, and things of regular use. The following processes are used to give you the best items made out of this plywood. 

fire retardant plywood
  • The wooden veneers are combined to make a sheet of plywood. 
  • For making the plywood highly resistant to fire, it is impregnated with chemicals during the veneering process. This is treating the plywood against the risks of catching fire.
  • The plywood is cleaned well and made free of oil or dirt particles. The moisture content of not more than 15% is kept intact. 
  • Enough pressure is applied to make the plywood durable and treat it well against future threats of fire. 
  • Finally, it must conform to BWR grade IS 303 to withstand pressure impregnation.

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Uses Of Fire Retardant Plywood

  • Residential buildings: Fire retardant plywood is highly recommended in decks and balconies, railings, external staircases, soffit, trim, and siding in residential buildings. Since residential buildings often face fire breakouts, utilizing fire retardant plywood can prevent the building from catching fire.
  • Interior furnishings: It can also be used for interior applications at places of work and residence. This typical plywood can be used for architectural millwork, paneling, roof assemblies or trusses, a flush door, beams, interior load-bearing, and non-load-bearing partitions.
  • Exterior furnishings: The exterior of a building can also be highly prone to wildfire, lightning, and fireworks. Roof construction, shingling, building support structure, framing, and window sills can be made using fire retardant plywood.

Benefits Of Fire Retardant Plywood

  • Besides preventing a fire from catching the plywood, there are other noted benefits of it.
  • This type of plywood can also resist extensive heat. Therefore, one can easily use it in areas like the kitchen, or right beside an oven where the plywood will be exposed to heat.
  • It is also durable and prevents it from working, cracking, bending, or chipping easily under adverse conditions.

This quick guide must have given you quite a detailed insight into the fire retardant plywood. You must use this plywood for securing your home, office, and all things that are in and around them. Sylvanply allows you to use the different types of plywood. There is not a single variety of plywood in our stock that will not fit your purpose. 
So, the next time you want to purchase plywood for domestic and commercial purposes, choose us. To know more about blockboard prices and other plywood materials, reach out to us.

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