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Flooring: Get Floored With Sylvan Ply

Here’s another all-you-need-to-know about plywood flooring blog. Once you start seeing the multiple ways you can inculcate plywood into your space, there’s no going back. All you need is a bit of research, effort, time, and good execution. Here, we’ll talk about how flooring can be interesting apart from what you have usually been seeing.  

The Levels Of Flooring

There are two levels of flooring. One is the top floor, and the other one is the sub floor. Now, if you need your flooring to be extra strong, you must use plywood for both and then finish off with the glossy veneer or laminate that works for you. If you need to have extra strong plywood for your floors, Robusta Premium Plus Ply from Sylvan Ply is your go-to choice. 

Plywood Flooring: Head To The DIY

There are multiple issues that people talk about when it comes to worn out subfloors. Mostly, they are problems related to old carpets that wear out and may leave stains as well. What you can do in this situation is something called – 

Paper Bagging 

This is your DIY heaven, that requires minimal efforts, and yet is efficient in every way. Here, to fix your plywood flooring, you can add random pieces of brown craft papers that will end up looking marble after application. You’d require a water-based glue for the application of the craft papers, and once it settles down, you have  new-looking DIY plywood flooring.

Paint It Right Away 

Another DIY fix for your worn-out or new plywood flooring is to simply paint it. While thinking of design or patterns for your flooring, think out of the box. Go for simpler patterns but something that makes an impact. Minimal or abstract patterns work fabulously with plywood floors. 

Tip : Always use a good primer before applying any paint, and let it sit dry for the appropriate amount of time. 

Wood Bleach For That Extra Touch

For those who aren’t aware, wood bleach is quite a miraculous product. It consists of caustic soda and hydrogen peroxide, and is a great agent for giving your plywood that extra lighter look if it suits the aesthetic of your space. It is great for spaces that have a lot of windows around, anything that lets natural light come in. You can blindly opt for Oceanic Premium Club Ply for all your flooring needs! 

No matter what happens, make sure to get your research right first, and then dive into the process. That leaves for a lot of failsafes. Plywood flooring might seem to be a little tricky to understand, but once you know what to do, you’ll love it, and more so if you choose the right plywood for it. And that’s the Sylvan Ply Guarantee

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    15/09/2022 at 6:04 am

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