Get Vogue By Giving Your Home A Trendy Look With Plywood Furniture

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Plywood continues to be a sensation for its unique all-around functionality in homes – it saves money, it is durable, and most significantly, it has a certain style. Its versatility allows it to be crafted and moulded into any creative shape or design as desired, making it the best choice for home décor and interiors.

If you are looking for ideas to uplift your home decor with wood, what can be better than Plywood? If you are still wondering how to add plywood to your home decor and bring a new dimension to your home, don’t worry! We have you covered.

In this article, let’s take a look at 5 amazing plywood furniture ideas to give your home the trendy and modern feel that you wanted.

  • Chic Coffee Table

    If you are looking for style, you must get yourself a plywood coffee table. It is chic and adds the necessary charm that the living room needs. A tabletop that displays the natural grain and pattern of the wood would create a great focal point for the living room which is otherwise decorated with clean and polished wood furniture. The overall feel of the room will drive the quaint vibe home.

  • Modern Computer Desk/Workstation
    Even before COVID-19 hit the world, the lifestyle had slowly transformed us to spend more time on our workstations. You need to get yourself a desk that is elegant, high-quality, strong, and aesthetically pleasing.
    A plywood workstation, custom-made to your requirements, will make sure that it meets your daily-use needs and adds to the overall comfort while providing an aesthetic working area. To make the best out of your desk, make sure to use a 19 mm thick plywood, like the 15 layered Z+ Premium Plus Ply From Sylvan Ply.

  • Modular Plywood Entertainment Unit
    TVs are much bigger than what they used to be before. In addition to this, they have several accessories that make the experience immersive. Your space needs a modern TV stand that integrates all your electronics in one elegant package. An all-plywood approach to this unit will make a great focal point in the living room, while also keeping all the wiry mess out of sight. You can also add some space for your games, magazines, and any decor pieces you wish to include in the setting.

  • Minimalistic Plywood Bookshelf
    Every book reader has a special love for their bookshelf, and if you don’t have one, this minimalistic plywood bookshelf is the right fit for you. If you have an empty wall in your home and are wondering what to do, introducing a plywood bookshelf can breathe new life into the space. It can be an elegant addition that also breaks the monotony of an otherwise empty wall. In addition to this, a bookshelf with compartments of different sizes gives the space a simplistic yet elegant look.

  • Wall Panels
    Get a break from the plain simple walls by bringing a warm touch with plywood wall panels. Available in longitudinal sections and square tiles, wall panels are used around the world to add a rather exotic touch to your space. It lends an unmatched sophistication while uplifting the overall feel of the place to a premium level. If you have carefully curated your room to create a specific ambience, then the newly launched Sylvan Panels made completely with South American Pine will be absolutely perfect for your home.

  • Modular Kitchen
    Modern kitchens are a perfect combination of beauty and functionality. They not only look and feel great but have features that mesmerise everyone who looks at them. Built with the finest plywood, a modular kitchen like this can become a highlight of your space. To address the specific needs of your kitchen, Sylvan Ply’s innovations bring you the perfect BWR Fire Retardant Plywood, a customer favourite and always in demand.

Plywood is a great addition to your home, especially through your interiors and furniture. It adds a more charming vibe and earthiness to the entire decor, instantly lifting it up and grounding it at the same time. If you are planning to add new furniture for your home, consider using the highly desired and the best plywood in India, Sylvan Ply. We curate a wide range of reliable, sturdy, and furniture-grade plywood. Get in touch with our experts to know more about what plywood suits your needs the best.

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