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Thinking of getting your home renovated or making small yet significant changes? Make sure your home interior design game is super strong! Everything else will fall into place. Reading up blogs on interior decor ideas and tips paired with ample research and professional help, will be good to go. 

Damaged Goods? 

The first step for renovation is to identify the issues in your home. Over time, you can see multiple issues and faults forming in your house. It can be damp walls, damaged furniture or walls that have just lost their lustre. 

  • Identify the issues
  • Work on their solutions
  • Plan revamping the interior decor

Panels for the walls 

Damp walls and worn-out paint are a horrible combination to look at. However, not a lot of people are up for repainting. Wall panels are the perfect option for you to add a stylized touch to your otherwise boring walls. Home interior design has a lot of aspects waiting to be covered. But, never ignore the importance of your walls when it comes to the look of your space. 

Strike a balance 

Old furniture does not have to be taken out or scrapped. Repurpose them in a way that it does the job without a lot of investment. If you have a smaller room with a bed taking up too much space, maybe get rid of the heavy headboard? That way, the room might look a little more neat. 

In the same manner, if any of your rooms look empty, install a statement piece to change the entire look of the space. The statement piece can be a good plywood or glass table center table that not only looks fabulous, but is useful as well. 

Up your interior decor game 

Home interior design does not require you to go the extra mile, but you can always plan and make little changes to your setup. Using boiling waterproof ply from Sylvan Ply will absolutely help you understand what your home needs. Sylvan Ply takes your interior decor up by quite a few notches. 

Light Play

Light plays an integral role in how your space looks. While renovating your space, pay attention to the lights in your bedroom or living room space. Play with the overall look and feel of the area by switching up the lighting. 

For example, if you decide to go for wall panels in your dining room. Placing a warm LED strip right above the panel would be awesome. 

Small yet significant changes can add so much more to your home interior design

Go to www.sylvanply.com for more options to rethink your design ideas.

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