How Different Uses of Commercial Plywood Are Beneficial?

How Different Uses of Commercial Plywood Are Beneficial?

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Commercial plywood, also known as moisture-resistant or MR plywood, is generally used for domestic purposes such as home decoration or interior design.

Various veneer sheets are glued together to give the plywood a proper structure. These sheets are manufactured utilizing wooden logs from different hardwood trees as raw material. 

You will find different veneer-based plywood because the type of wood used depends entirely on the location. For example, rubber plywood is imported chiefly from the southern part of India.

It is important to note that though there are multiple plywood variants, what makes them similar are the materials used during production. The only difference is their method of manufacturing.

What is commercial plywood?

Commercial plywood is one of the distinct products of plywood and is easily available at any plywood store. Despite its popularity, commercial plywood is usually cheaper as compared to other plywoods. It is made from pieces or sheets of wood called wood ply, which is glued together under high pressure.

Benefits of Using Commercial Plywood

Commercial plywood is mainly used for interior designing. However, owing to its flexibility and stability, it can be used in various places and is available in quite a few design variants.

Bookshelves, furniture, and racks are some products made from commercial plywood. In addition, interior designers are also incorporating plywood customized home decor as they offer a range of high-quality and aesthetic products.

Benefits of Using Commercial Plywood

Commercial plywood is an alternative to traditional interior design elements such as cement, tile, metal, synthetic paint, and many other materials. They’re like a breath of fresh air when it comes to overdone designing elements and styles, and all of this without compromising on quality.

Different Types of Commercial Plywoods

Hardwood plywood

It is manufactured from hardwood bonded with plywood-veneer.

Softwood plywood 

It uses a veneer of softwood chips glued together. Then, it goes through the heat-pressing process and many other steps to turn out to be soft and flexible.

3 Different Uses of Commercial Plywood

Because of factors like quality, cost, and looks, commercial plywood is trending in the plywood industry and is preferred by many homebuyers and architects. There’s a lot you can do with commercial plywood. Here are some major commercial uses of plywood.

Different Uses of Commercial Plywood

1. Make Your Shelves Stronger

Each shelf serves a unique purpose. Some are made to hold light items, others clench heavy objects, and the rest merely enhance the interior design. 

  • Hexagonal shelves are an excellent example of improving the allure of wood in your space. 
  • Whatever your shelves are for, they need to be durable and long-lasting. 
  • The building material should have the maximum internal strength to keep itself from falling, breaking, or cracking under the weight of showpieces or books. 

The normal utilization of this plywood includes heavy bookshelves, furniture like dining tables, drawers, bedside tables, etc. This commercial plywood can also be used for office purposes to make tables, drawers, shelves, and more.

2) Aesthetic Appeal for your furniture

You wouldn’t want to compromise on quality when decorating your dream home. This is why choosing high-quality plywood is ideal for a new home or renovating an old one. 

Due to the extreme flexural strength of commercial plywood, they can be easily molded according to your living room or bedroom needs. It will also amp up the appeal of  your living space.

Aesthetic Appeal for your furniture

Create Secure Storage For All Your Valuables

The termite and penetrant-proof features of this plywood protects your belongings from the attack of termites. You can use these plys to make an extra storage space under your bed or a sofa cum bed.

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End Your Search For Best Plywood

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