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Buying Furniture for Home or Office? 4 Do’s & Don’ts to Keep in Mind

Why do some rooms or apartments cost more? And some less? Why does our mood perk up or dampen while entering a particular room? The answer lies in the decoration. The appearance and arrangement of furniture is an essential part of home décor. A room with shabby furniture arrangement or bland furniture can affect your mood for the worse. There is a psychological aspect of home decoration. If you are wondering how to choose furniture for home and office, you will have to keep in mind a few things. The ideal furniture will reflect the mood you are trying to create. So the furniture type or arrangement will differ from room to room.

Avoid over-furnishing: 

Clutter makes us feel anxious. A room cluttered with too much furniture can lead to people feeling claustrophobic. When it comes to the subject of how to choose furniture for home and office, the size of your room is something you should keep in mind. Lack of space can lead to claustrophobia. However, if there is a lot of unused space in your room, that might create a feeling of emptiness. To avoid this problem, keep in mind the size of your room as well as the ceiling height. Furniture should ideally be proportionate to the room size. If you are the type who hates clutter then consider investing in cabinets or storage oriented furniture. 

Follow furniture Ergonomics:

Wondering how to choose furniture for home and office? In the case of the latter, you need to invest in quality furniture that prioritizes the health and comfort of the employees. A 2016 survey revealed that about a good 40% of work-related injuries came from sprains and strains that occurred from sitting in unsupportive chairs. Furniture arrangement can greatly affect employee morale. So investing in ergonomic furniture can be the answer to this problem. Ergonomic furniture is made keeping in mind the safety and comfort of workers. As many workers spend a great deal of time sitting in the office, employers should invest in tables and chairs that support the human posture. Furniture can also affect team spirit. The right desk, chair or table can promote collaboration and teamwork. On the other hand furniture layouts that pit individuals against one another can hinder cooperation among employees.

Colour Dictates the Mood

 The furniture colour is an important aspect to keep in mind if you are wondering how to choose furniture for home and office. The general look, feel or ambience of your room will depend on the colour of the furniture. If you are going for a minimalist yet elegant look and feel for your office space, then buying black coloured furniture might be a good option. Black is the colour of power and authority. To give off a simple yet bold elegant and dramatic impression you can mix black and grey and/or silver coloured furniture. Red is on the other hand a vibrant and intense colour that can uplift the room’s energy level. If you are trying to create a calm, relaxing and informal atmosphere, blue and green can be great choices. Yellow is a great choice if you want to give off a warm, welcoming and joyful vibe, so yellow coloured furniture can be a good choice when it comes to the living room. 

What vibe are you going for?

Every homeowner has asked themselves this age-old question – how to choose furniture for home or office? However, there is no simple answer to this question. Truth be told, there is no ‘ideal’ furniture for your room. The ‘perfect’ furniture will depend on individual tastes, and the overall vibe you are going for. For example, if a comfortable living room or study is your priority, then buying more armchairs and/or recliner chairs might be a perfect choice. If you are looking to add some old-world charm to your bedroom, a canopy style bed will be a good option. The bunk bed is a great choice for children’s bedrooms or if you are sharing a bedroom with many people as it is an example of great space-saving furniture.

’How to choose furniture for home or office’’? Is a question most people will ask themselves at least once in their lives.  But the ‘perfect’ furniture does not follow current trends but one which matches your tastes and the overall aesthetic you are aiming for. 

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