How To Choose An Interior Door: Tips From Experts

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The doors in your home are an integral part of your interiors. A beautiful door can make a vast difference to the overall appearance of your entire space. Choosing the right door is important as it can add to the overall look of dramatic interiors that you have worked so hard to create.

A good amount of thought needs to be put into getting the door just right so that it matches the interior decor of your place. There is an overwhelming number of factors that determine the kind of door you should choose for your home.

In this article, we will be talking about the 4 most important considerations one must make when choosing a door to match their interiors. Let’s take a look:

Step-By-Step Process to Choosing An Interior Door

  • Pick a Material
    The different grades of wood used in the plywood create a vast difference in the various types of doors that you can buy. At Sylvan Ply, we provide a variety of door options made from different materials including pinewood and hardwood. The type of wood is important as it determines the application of the door. For example, MR Grade Plywood is best suited for bathroom doors.

  • Choose a Style
    The next step to choosing the right door for your home will be to pick a style. Dutch doors, hollow core doors, glass framed doors, and panelled doors are a few options to consider. Make sure that you match the door type with the room though, as a panel door with intricate design may not work in a small room.

  • Decide Which Way The Door Will Swing
    The swing of the door determines which side the hinges will be placed on the door. Depending on the room, you will have to determine the direction in which the door will swing to open, inwards or outwards. For instance, a bedroom typically opens inwards, but a cabinet door swings outwards.
  • Decide The Colour
    You also need to consider the kind of colour coating you will put on top of the door. Based on the final colour you want, you will need to decide the kind of wood your door will be made of as different grades of wood have different absorption capacities. Choose a colour that will look better after it dries, not when it is wet.

This is it! By following these aforementioned step-by-step instructions, you will definitely be able to choose an attractive door for your home’s interior. At Sylvanply, we have a wide range of furniture plywood, flush doors, and more that are best suited for your home. Explore our collection of plywood online and get the best quality plywood under your budget.

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