How to choose the right plywood for your home decoration

Be it for the interior decoration of your home, office, school, shop or anywhere else, the use of plywood has been ubiquitous since long. The advantages of using plywood range from its versatility, durability, cost effectiveness as well as its availability in a varied range of textures. The best plywood brands in India have been developing this material to make it suitable for use in almost any condition.

When it comes to decorating the interior of your new home or redecorating your living space, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. There are the factors of affordability, design and suitability. Plywood as a material can be used extensively for furniture, cabinets, wall paneling and more. However, different parts of your house like the living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom have different furniture requirements depending on how and for what they are used. The best plywood brands in India have a range of plywood with varying properties, suited for each part of your house. Know which to use where to save yourself from frequent repairs.

  •  For the living room

The space of the house where every member spends the majority of their day. It is the place where we not only spend some quality family time, but also where we welcome guests. All this room needs is a welcoming vibe and strong durable furniture. Choose sofas, couches and center tables made by the best plywood brands in India. You can also choose floor panels to go with them. Keep the colour light and soothing and decorate by throwing in some bright cushions and mats. The furniture in this room does not need to be as heat or water resistant as your kitchen or bathroom. However you need to choose moisture resistant plywood which would not get damaged even in humid weather conditions. Moisture resistant or MR grade plywood is often the best choice.

  • For the bedroom

Arguably the most important room of your house. Your comfort zone, a space to retire at the end of a tired day. The furniture in this room should reflect your personality while speaking of comfort. For each piece of furniture in your bedroom, choose the highest quality materials from the best plywood brands in India. MR grade plywood or boiling waterproof plywood are the most recommended for bedrooms and bedframes. Keep in mind that the minimum thickness of the plywood board used in the base of the bed frame should be minimum 19 mm or ¾ inch, though ideally it should be thicker. If this minimum thickness is not maintained, then the bed will not be able to support the weight of the mattress or of the person lying on it.

  • For the kitchen

Choosing the correct plywood for your kitchen is very essential as this place needs to sustain a variety of activity and materials. The presence of food material, wooden cabinets, plastic bottles and packets make the kitchen top and other structures highly prone to catching fire. Frequent water spillage is another issue that kitchen furniture need to sustain. Hence the best plywood for use in the kitchen is marine grade plywood, BWP grade plywood and plywood with high heat-resistant properties. These plywood are water resistant and will never shrink, crack, warp or twist. Additionally, these are resistant to borer and termite attacks, which is often a risk for plywood which absorb moisture. As for the colour, choose plywood in darker shades of brown to avoid food stains.

  • For the bathroom

Bathroom flooring, cabinets or any other structures experience exposure to high quantity of moisture and water for prolonged duration. Needless to say, moisture is the worst enemy of plywood which can cause it to warp and swell. Hence the plywood used in bathrooms should be highly water resistant. BWP grade plywood and marine plywood made by the best plywood brands in India can be your best choice. If you consider plywood for bathroom flooring, make sure it is highly water resistant and thick enough to support the weight of water-filled bathtubs and other structures.

  • For cabinets and shelves

You will definitely want to put up quite a number of shelves and cabinets in different parts of your house. Shelves are needed to store almost anything from your huge collection of books to decorative showpieces. Also, kitchen cabinets are an absolute necessity. Plywood can be your primary choice for shelves. If you are planning to put up books, make sure the plywood you use is thick and strong enough, because books are heavy! Always go for structures made by the best plywood brands in India. On the other hand, you can use much lighter and decorative shelves for your showpieces if they are not too heavy. Choose the colours and textures in accordance with the rest of your room. For kitchen cabinets, while thinner plywood can be used for framed cabinets, frameless ones require thicker and stiffer blocks to support the structure.

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