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9 Ways You Can Turn Your House into the Quintessential ‘Home’

Brick, mortar and cement. These are some of the common raw materials used to make a house. But what is the elusive ingredient that transforms the impersonal brick and mortar construction into a home? The answer is …you.

The ideal home reflects the essence of the people who live in it. 

 In simple words, a home mirrors the aesthetics of its inhabitants. It reflects your personality. If the owner is someone who likes to live life like a king, his home will reflect his larger than life persona.  It might have rooms painted in vibrant colours like red, have furniture made from the finest wood that are polished to perfection. On the other hand, if extravagance is not the owner’s cup of tea the home will likely have simple or understated home décor. There are several home decorating ideas, but the best is one that will help your home be a mirror of your persona. 

Home décor can go a long way in making your house- a home. The more it reflects your tastes or the more you can make your house appear more welcoming and cosy – the more ‘home’ like it will be.  

Invest in Storage

 We usually get a bit too caught up on design aesthetics and barely spare a thought towards storage. Investing in quality storage furniture can add much-needed texture to your living space. A bookcase or console made from timber can not only be an attractive home décor item by itself but can also be a place to store your most precious belongings like souvenirs collected from travels, awards received by you or your loved ones etc. This helps in giving a personal touch to the living space. 

Choose Your Wood Wisely  

When it comes to home decorating ideas you can never go wrong with wooden furniture. Wooden furniture is a timeless choice when it comes to home decor. They will never go out of fashion. The colour of furniture has a role in determining the look and feel of your room. If your floor or ceiling has darker tones, opting for light or neutral coloured furniture can create a pleasant contrast. However, if the tone of your ceiling and floor is warm or light, then choosing golden or reddish hued wooden furniture can make the room appear warm and welcoming. 

Keep In Mind the Room Size

Avoid clutter at all costs. You are living in a home, not an attic. Home decorating ideas would never work if your furniture is not proportionate to your room size. Before buying that sofa or chair, table or cabinet, measure the length and width of the room you intend to buy it for, along with ceiling height stairs, columns. If you have a large to mid-sized living room, consider investing in an oversized sectional sofa. These sofas can be a great source of comfort and can make your living room appear cosier. If you are gearing for a family night of watching TV together then this sofa can be an ideal choice. 

Ottomans Are Ideal for the ‘Cosy’ Feel

Many people when searching for home decorating ideas for their living room, experience a familiar dilemma. What should be a priority? Comfort or luxury? If you are gunning for both, then ottomans are the answer. Oversized ottomans can be a great choice if comfort is your priority. Upholstered ottomans are a great place to rest your feet after a long day. When buying the ottoman, make sure its colour coordinates with the wall colours. 

Conversation Circles Never Go Out of Fashion

Want to make your living room look welcoming? The secret lies in furniture arrangement. Home decorating ideas are not complete without a furniture arrangement lesson. The ‘Conversation Circle’ arrangement never goes out of style. Make a medium-sized table the centrepiece and surround it with oversized armchairs. This will give off an intimate vibe. 

Add More Pillows to Your Sofas

Adding colourful pillows to your sofa in contrasting colours can add a nice visual effect and make your sofa look a bit cosier. 

Install a small reading nook in the bedroom

If the bedroom is sufficiently big, you can make some space for a reading space with a small table and a luxurious armchair. That will enhance the ‘cosiness’ of your room. Avoid over-stuffing the room with numerous side tables or cabinets as that can make your room more claustrophobic. 

Light Sets the Ambience

Try not to have too many dazzling or blinding lights for your house. Dull warm lights can go a long way in making your apartments seem like home.

Picture Perfect

As the saying goes, ‘’a picture speaks a thousand words’’. Showing off those snapshots you have taken with family and friends is one of the best home decorating ideas that will add character to your room without costing a penny! Bring out those photos from your closet or computer drive and place them on tables, cabinets for all to see. Whether they are colourful, sepia-toned or classic black and white, they would help you relive your best memories. 

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