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Your dream studio setup can be tricky to design, execute, and then add finishing touches to it as well. But, working on your art while building a studio from scratch might take up a lot more time than you intend to give it. Incorporating plywood in it is a great idea to make things better. Here is how you need to plan your precious art studio. 

Whites, Beiges, Browns 

Remember, the key to a minimalistic art studio space that lets your work speak volumes will always have a colour palette. One that works in favour of the setup. In this case, your best friends are browns, beiges, and whites. A mix and match combination of these three can make or break your space, and they hardly go wrong! As for the incorporation of plywood, you’ll know for yourself how well it looks with these colours. 

A Mood Board 

Being an artist, no two days are the same and what you need is a fabulous mood board to accommodate all your ideas. There can be two placements for a board like that. 

  • On a wall that you directly glance upon every day. 
  • On your plywood door, because it will usually remain closed while you work. So, you can look at it as much as you want. 

It serves well for when you need inspiration. 

Unconventional Spaces

If you do not have a lot of space, the easiest way to build an art studio is to optimise your garage space. The first step is to repaint the garage and suit it to your aesthetic. For example, if you paint it brown and white, you will have lots of options left to experiment with. Wall Panels will look great for your studio. You can opt for Sylvan Panels to give off a fresh look to your studio. A plywood door is also a necessity if you want to use more plywood for the design. 

Plywood Shelves That Shine

If you feel that there is a space still empty in the studio, you can add plywood shelves to it. This will serve as the perfect space for you to showcase your artwork and small canvases. Using Oceanic Premium Club Ply for the shelves will add the much needed shine to your space. 

Get Floored With Plywood

The flooring of the studio needs to be of a material that is waterproof. There are high chances of spills while working on art, and so, waterproof plywood from Sylvan Ply is your best bet for the floors. Protect your studio from any damages by being careful from the beginning. 

To get to know more about plywood doors and floors, check out –

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