Is Plywood Stronger Than Solid Wood?

Is Plywood Stronger Than Solid Wood?

Opting for suitable plywood when making your dream home or project becomes challenging if you have no idea about plywoods or the quality plywood manufacturers in India.

Like many others, if you are unaware of plywood’s intricacies, you must be wondering whether plywood is stronger than solid wood? But we’ve got you covered.

After reading this blog, you can decide which one to choose as we tell you all about plywood.

While solid wood is a natural resource, plywood is an engineered product. Undoubtedly, products made from natural resources have more strength; however, plywood manufacturers have excelled in producing durable products, which is why plywood is as strong as solid wood.

The processes and the methodology involved plays a vital role in the quality and strength of plywood. Therefore, if you opt for plywood from well-known plywood manufacturers in India, you can rely on its quality.

The quality of solid wood depends on the tree it is derived from and the procurement process. For example, the solid wood obtained from teak or Sheesham is stronger than softwoods like pine or mango wood.

So, let us now uncover the differences and strengths of plywood and solid wood.

Plywood Vs. Solid Wood

Plywood is manufactured by laying several sheets of wood veneers, one above the other, and gluing them together with an adhesive. And when it comes to solid wood, is cut with the boards going in parallel to the grain (the direction in which the tree grows).

On the other hand, there are multiple layers of wood in plywood with grains in opposite directions. Therefore, in the case of plywood, when one set of grains comes to breaking point, the ones running in the opposite direction hold them up and protect them from breaking.

Moreover, the quality of plywood depends on the number of layers. The more the number of layers, the stronger the ply.

Plywood can be as strong as solid wood, depending on the materials used and manufacturing processes. Plywood with multiple layers with excellent quality adhesive can be as strong as solid wood and cost-effective.

Deciding Factors for the Strength of Plywood

The strength of plywood depends upon various factors. It may depend on the type of wood used, thickness, and more. Let’s know about them in detail.

1. The deciding factor for the strength of plywood is the type of wood used in manufacturing it. The two types of wood used for producing plywood are hardwood and softwood.

2. The thickness of the plywood also matters a lot when it comes to its strength. The power of the plywood increases to maximum when the plywood is multi-layered.

3. Another deciding factor for the strength of the plywood is its capacity to hold nails. Good plywood does not split at the edges when nailed. 

Damage Resistant Quality

The adhesive used in gluing the veneers of wood also plays a crucial role in the damage-resistant quality of plywood. Using a good quality adhesive can make the plywood resistant to moisture. In addition, it protects plywood and makes it resistant to shrinking, bending, or cracking.

On the contrary, solid wood can shrink due to moisture. Therefore, there are also chances of cracks in the solid wood because of the shrinkage.

Quality Checks to look for the Strength of the Plywood

Check for an ISI mark – While purchasing the plywood, look for the ISI mark. This mark certifies that the plywood meets the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

Check the Edges – Ensure that all plywood edges are equally thick. Neither should they vary in thickness nor have an uneven surface.

What Makes Plywood Take an Edge Over Solid Wood?

Although solid wood is a natural resource and is considered vital, plywood is not any less when compared in strength. The process of manufacturing makes the plywood strong. Moreover, the qualities like uniform thickness, unshirkable wood, and grain make plywood a good option for various places.

Environment Friendly

Using environment-friendly processes and materials is the need of the hour, and if you select plywood, you take a step towards a greener future. Plywood is the best option as it is eco-friendly and non-toxic.


Plywood is as strong as solid wood and is a cost-effective option. While solid wood is expensive as it is directly a natural resource in its complete form, plywood comes at a pocket-friendly price. You can choose the plywood depending on the type of construction and requirement.


The difference between solid wood and plywood is significant, and so is their use.

We have tried to clear everything for you by comparing solid wood and plywood through this blog. As a result, you can now easily differentiate between their use and areas of application.

As one of the leading plywood manufacturers in India, Sylvan Ply, meets all the standards of manufacturing world-class plywood.

We source raw materials from the best locations and deliver excellent quality ply that speaks volumes. If you are upgrading your interiors, coming up with a new project, or dream home, don’t miss out on our premium plywood collection. Browse our plywood store now to choose your ideal ply.

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