Know Top Features of Marine Plywood

Know Top Features of Marine Plywood

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In earlier days, most Indians used solid wood for home furnishings, and they were beautiful to look at. However, now that we are becoming modern, plywood is being preferred over old wood for the latest home furniture.

One of the reasons why people choose plywood for home decor is because of its unique properties. Plywood is a modern way of making household furniture like tables, drawers, fancy things, etc. Plywood comes in various grades that depend on the quality of the plywood and how strong and resilient it is. All the grades of perfect plywood are found in marine plywood.

What Is Marine Plywood And What Can Marine Plywood Be Used For?

Marine plywood is one of the highest grade plywood in the industry. The specifications and properties of marine plywood are the best among other plywood.

  • Marine plywood is made of high-quality wood. 
  • The number of plies used in construction is usually twice that of other plywood and is composed of 10-12 layers. 
  • Similarly, the glue used in marine plywood is a synthetic plastic resin with a phenolic formaldehyde resin. 
  • This makes the plywood waterproof. 
Marine plywood is one of the highest grade plywood in the industry.

This kind of plywood has waterproof properties, so marine plywood is best used as garden furniture or stairs. However, they are used for outdoor and high water hazard objects. Speaking of higher output levels, they are used in the boat building industry, where water exposure is high.

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Top Unique Features of Marine Plywood

When it comes to marine plywood qualities, there is no doubt that it is highly reliable, strong, and flexible. Most of the plywood industry uses this plywood to construct many items. Let’s see the features of marine plywood.

1. Water-resistance

In any standard plywood, water can seep through and damage plywood heavily, but in this case, marine plywood is manufactured 100% waterproof to be used for water applications. 

It is made with unique layers of strong adhesive and resin on its surface to prevent moisture from entering and damaging it. 

marine plywood is manufactured 100% waterproof to be used for water applications.

Also, its surface is made porous-free to avoid any possibility of water leakage. This unique quality of marine-grade plywood makes it an ideal choice for the construction of all structures exposed to moisture.

2. Extreme Ductility

The most unique quality of marine plywood is its extreme flexibility (material’s amenability to drawing). It can be easily shaped into any form. 

One of the best distinguishing features of marine plywood is that it can maintain its structural integrity no matter how you bend and shape it. 

It can withstand a higher amount of pressure than any other ordinary grade of plywood.

3. Strength of Marine Plywood

Marine plywood can withstand severe wear and tear for a long time. This is because it is tough, and can withstand weathering quite easily. Hence, this kind of plywood offers unmatched longevity. 

The key to this is the super-strong, specially formulated adhesive used to bind the ply together. In addition, as added protection, marine plywood undergoes a unique vacuum pressure treatment which further enhances its strength.

4. Termite Resistant

One of the significant advantages of using marine plywood is that it can deal more efficiently than other plywood varieties because they handle wet conditions very well.

Termite Resistant

A firm grip between layers and supreme quality protects it from any termites resistant.

5) Better Than Standard Solid Plywood

It is a comparable fact that solid wood is generally available in much smaller sizes and does not have all the same properties as marine plywood. 

Average plywood is usually available in the market with 18 mm thickness. However, it would be challenging to make furniture due to its rough surface and unstable structure. 

On the other hand, marine plywood gives us an opportunity for total utilization.

6) Versatility

Marine plywood has a wide range of applications in different sections of the construction industry. It is so versatile that it can be used in making boats, kitchen cabinets, cupboards, ceilings, floors, furniture, doors, etc.

Why Should You Use Marine Plywood?

  1. You won’t have to worry about it for years after installing the equipment in your office or factory. They can last for years without any maintenance and can handle any abuse. 
  1. Another reason is that you can use it for both commercial and residential purposes is that this plywood has an exceptional surface finish. 
  1. Some projects demand a smooth finish that no ordinary plywood can deliver.


Even if you are building something for your home, marine plywood is easy to paint over, and the design options are limitless. 

When you’re ready to buy marine plywood, you should ensure the glue is weather-proof and boil-proof. 

Marine-grade plywood is one of the best and supreme quality products. You can easily buy the best quality marine plyboard from sylvan ply across India.

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