MDF Vs Plywood: Know Which Engineered Wood Is Better

When you are planning your home interior with wood, the first thing you often deliberate about is the quality and grade of wood that you will need for the furniture. There is a wide variety of wooden products available in the market that one can use to make furniture, and out of these options, the ones most commonly compared to each other are MDF and Plywood. While they are both kinds of engineered wood, they vary from each other in a number of manners.

Depending on what use you intend to get out of the wood, you can make a decision on what kind of material you will be using. So, in this article, we discuss the distinguishing characteristics of MDF and Plywood to help you make an informed choice between the two- have a look!

MDF vs Plywood: What is the Difference?

  • Construction
    MDF or medium-density fiberboard is a type of engineered wood that is made by breaking down the fibres of hardwood and softwood. As they are made up of fibres, MDF has no visible wood grain or knots in it. The fibres are combined through the use of wax and resin, pressed together with heat.
    Plywood, on the other hand, is made by glueing together thin sheets of wood veneer between high-quality veneers. These core veneers can be laid longitudinal or horizontal, or even in a hybrid manner to give the wood extra strength.

  • Water Resistance
    MDF is not moisture resistant, which means that in the presence of moisture, the wood can warp, rot, swell, and show damage. This is why MDF is generally not used in areas of high moisture.
    Plywood has many grades, most of which show phenomenal moisture resistance, and in some premium cases, waterproofing as well. This is one of the primary reasons why plywood is preferred over MDF in kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Weight
    Because of being denser than plywood, a sheet of MDF will be heavier than a plywood of the same proportions. You can create durable yet lighter furniture with plywood.

  • Durability and Strength
    MDF is a comparatively softer material, which means that it can sag and even split under heavy weight or pressure. If you are planning to make a longitudinal surface with MDF, you may need to reinforce it from beneath.
    Plywood has excellent durability and strength. It has more flex than MDF. This means that under excessive weight, the plywood would bend more than MDF, which may straightforwardly break.

  • Screw Holding Capacity
    Because it’s made of fibres and is generally softer, MDF has a very low screw anchoring property. If your project needs a lot of screws and fasteners to hold it together, plywood is a better option.

  • Dust
    Obviously, when you are using wood for interior, you will need to cut the boards to the appropriate size for them to be used. Due to the composition of MDF, it creates a lot more sawdust when cut as compared to Plywood/ Masks and goggles are often recommended when working with MDF or stand anywhere close to where your interior is being made.





    Made by bonding the fibres of hardwood and softwood under pressure

    Made by glueing wood veneers or thin plies of wood together between high-quality veneers

    Water Resistance

    Not water resistance

    Various grades of moisture and water resistance are available


    Heavier and Denser



    Bends and sags under pressure

    Highly durable and has good weight-bearing capabilities

    Screw Anchoring

    Cannot hold screws

    Good for holding the furniture together with screws

    Saw Dust

    Creates a lot of dust when cut

    Creates less dust when cut

    Engineered wood has been a great alternative to the use of natural wood as it allows you to spend less and still get a durable variety of furniture for your home. MDF and Plywood both have their uses in furniture and depending on this, you must employ these materials for your home.

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