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For better or worse, the design, appearance, and functionality of your workspace communicates a lot about your company culture. Proper aesthetics of office design can be inspiring, motivating, and promote the values of an organization. That’s why most offices in India today are using Sylvan Ply, the best plywood for office decoration.

When you look around your workplace, you need to feel inspired. Effective work place design starts with first identifying the core values and goals of your business before formulating the physical design elements and aesthetics of your space.

While a specific piece of furniture may look great, it’s important to consider whether or not it will actually serve the needs of your team members. Sylvan Ply can serve all these purposes, be it an office table, a file cabinet, or even the partitions between different areas. If you are thinking about design, think Sylvan Ply, it is the best plywood for office decoration.

Sylvan Ply, the best plywood for office decoration comes with 6 unique benefits:

Strong and Durable:

Office furniture needs to be strong and durable, to be everlasting like your business. Strength is one of the key factors that make Sylvan Ply very useful. The strength of plywood is more evenly distributed making it quite durable.


Plywood furniture can also go a long way to creating a sense of the natural world indoors. If you live in a high-density apartment block in a city, you may wish to foster a sense of nature in your living space. Plywood is available in a wide range of designs. Using plywood on furniture, walls and other surfaces is a great way to enhance the overall appearance of a space. This is the most important reason why Sylvan Ply is best plywood for office decoration. It looks great in offices as well as in other commercial spaces.


Cost is a major factor that makes plywood the preferred choice of countless offices. Solid wood furniture can be quite expensive and many people simply can’t afford it. The cost of Plywood is significantly less. Using plywood furniture is a cost-effective way to meet furniture requirements in your offices. Sylvan Ply is only the best plywood for office decoration it is also one of the most affordable.


Unlike solid wood, large sized plywood is easily available in the market. It’s difficult to get a solid flat wood of a large size. It’s quite expensive too. Large sized plywood, on the other hand, is easily available. The large size makes plywood ideal for a variety of applications.


Plywood is one of the most versatile materials. Right from furniture to wall panelling, it can be used on all types of surfaces. Also, there is a huge variety of plywood available and it’s easy to find the one that suits your needs and requirements.

Curved Surfaces:

It’s difficult to create curved surfaces with solid wood as the results are often rough and uneven. Plywood can be easily applied on a curved surface without any hassles. It is one of the best materials that can be applied on a curved surface.

If you planning to buy plywood for your improving your office aesthetics, look no further than Sylvan Ply, the best plywood for office decoration. Sylvan Ply is known for the finest quality products made from word class raw materials procured from across the Globe. Over the years Sylvan Ply has ranked as one of the top plywood and blockboard companies in India.

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