How Sylvan Ply can protect your furniture from termite and borer attacks

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While plywood furniture is quite durable and long-lasting, but termites & borers can still be their worst enemies. Many best quality furniture can be destroyed by these pests if action isn’t taken immediately. Termites and borers usually enter the house through ceilings and walls, and damp areas remain their favorite spots. They can be even be difficult to spot until considerable damage has been done. So, it is very necessary to keep your furniture in areas of the room that get proper sunlight and air flow. For plywood in more moist parts of the house like kitchens and bathrooms, the rooms should have proper ventilation. That being said, we also need to choose the plywood for our furniture wisely. Since large furniture are important and long term investments, the plywood we choose must be of durable  and completely resistant to termite and borer attacks. 

So, if you are planning to safeguard the furniture in your home, Sylvan Ply can definitely be your first choice. Sylvan Ply furniture is protected from borer and termite attacks completely with their unique technology and formula. 

How does Sylvan Ply do that?

  •  High quality BWR grade plywood– BWR (boiling water resistant) & BWP grade Plywood  – BWP (boiling water proof) is chemically treated to make them highly resistant of moisture, Borer & Termites. Hence our product‘s are durable under all conditions. Termite infestation increases particularly during monsoon, so if you are planning to protect your furniture before monsoon sets in, upgrading to Sylvan Ply will be your best option. 
  •  Resin creates a strong bond- The structure of plywood consists of several separate layers joined together. The best quality of plywood should have the layers joined together very strongly by synthetic resins so they are safeguarded against termites and borers. Sylvan Ply keeps this in mind. Their plywood is treated with phenol-formaldehyde resin for strong internal bonding of the layers which makes it one of the best plywood for furniture making. This PF or MUF resin does not deteriorate under any climatic condition, hence the plywood is bound to remain strong even in the monsoon season when chances of termite infestation are the highest.
  • Special German glue-line formula- Sylvan Ply furniture is protected from borer and termites attack by a unique German glue-line protection formula. This makes it one-of-a-kind in the plywood market. Treating the plywood with this preservative makes them 100% resistant to termites, borers and fungus. There is an additional anti-bacterial and anti-fungal coating for further protection of your furniture. 

So now that you are aware of the advantages of using Sylvan Ply for your furniture to make them resistant to termite and borer attacks, there are some basic tips that should always be kept in mind to prevent termites from infesting any of your furniture. The ideal thriving condition for termites and borers is a damp and dark environment that isn’t cleaned often. Sunlight is a natural disinfectant, also proper ventilation prevents plywood from absorbing moisture. Decide the position of your furniture by keeping these in mind, wipe them at least once a week with a dry micro-fiber cloth and you are good to go. Leave the responsibility of providing you with good quality plywood to Sylvan Ply!

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