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Every parent goes through a phase of utter confusion when it comes to anything related to their kids. There’s a lot of options and decisions involved. We understand that you want to give your kid the best of everything, and especially when it comes to their room decor. It is important that you make their room a safe and fun space for them! Here’s how Sylvan Ply can help you do that.

Choose a vibrant colour scheme

If it’s a room for your toddler, you can never go wrong with a bright yellow, or purple. Mix and match the colours wherever required. Remember, the colour scheme will decide the whole vibe of the room. Focusing on stylish plywood bed design is equally important for the whole look of the space to come together. 

Room Decor : Functional pieces

As far as furniture is concerned, make sure that you focus on pieces that last long and are sturdy. All of this, while keeping in mind that the design cannot be boring.  A well-sized bed is a necessity. Designs for modern beds have evolved a lot from what it used to be earlier, and you must take full advantage of that. If you look up stylish plywood bed design online, you’re likely to get multiple results. Explore as much as you can. Plywood is a good choice of material for the bed and wardrobe in your kid’s room. 

Know Your Plywood

Once you decide upon the kind of wardrobe and bed you want in the room, sourcing the plywood is the next step. A child’s room is more prone to being messy. However, with boiling waterproof plywood like Robusta BWP Ply from Sylvan Ply can be a game changer for you

Bedroom Interior Design 

Once you start thinking about how you can make small changes to your kid’s room and impact the whole bedroom interior design, you will see the plethora of options out there for you. 

A Play Zone

It is important that your child knows from the beginning that they have a separate space for playing and that it holds importance in their regular life. Incorporating a colourful, happy corner in your room decor plans is great for your child. This section will include all their toys and games. 

A Study Section 

Choosing a side near the window can be a great option for a compact study setup. A good plywood table will look great with the entire vibe of the room. False ceilings are also quite the trend, and you can pair up innovative lights with it. 

A Blockboard Shelf

Whilst a study table is necessary, let’s not forget how a compact blockboard shelf is going to help your kid arrange all their books and accessories, all in one place! The Robusta BWP Blockboard from Sylvan Ply is perfectly safe and efficient for your kid’s room. 

Now that you’ve read this blog, go and do your own research on the best bedroom interior design for your kid. In case, you need the correct plywood to bring your vision to reality, check out – 

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