An Informative Guide to Sylvan’s Fireproof plywood

Safety is a Responsibility, and Using Fireproof Plywood is a Huge Part of It

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Talking about the materials used in constructing a house, everything is becoming advanced. Whether they are electrical items, sanitary items, raw materials, or tiles, everything is now changing along with the trend.

All these small things make a house perfect for living. It is essential to use quality items for constructing a house, and if we talk about safety, it is impossible without using excellent fireproof plywood.

Fireproof plywood is an essential aspect of giving your house the perfect all-round protection. It can be used for designing all the various parts of your space. Sylvan Ply’s Fireguard Technology ensures a safe plywood experience for its customers.- 

The Fireguard Technology in plywood is an outright revolution. This technology uses nano-engineered particles embedded in the polymer matrix of plywood that enables the plywood to resist fire.

It has become one of the most crucial aspects of safety for any space. Let us discuss this further it: 

What is Fireproof Plywood?

We all know that any tiny spark or an electrical short circuit can blow up the whole house in minutes. Since plywood is used in every part of the house and is a great driver of fire, fireproof plywood is a great option to stop the disaster. Fireproof plywood has become the need of the day owing to multiple accidents happening due to fire outbreaks in the recent past.

The Fireproof Protection

The fireproof plywood reduces the chances of combustion and prevents fire penetration into the layers of plywood. The fire gets extinguished after a few seconds of ignition.

Fire-retardant chemicals are applied to the various layers of plywood, under high pressure to render the fireguard properties in plywood. The same chemicals are also used as a coating and applied to the plywood surface to get the best outcome.

Advantages of Sylvan’s FireGuard Technology 

We all know that solid wood works fine, but what seems to leave it behind in terms of safety is fireproof plywood. It even helps save the structures from molds and bugs. It goes without saying that it has multiple benefits. 

Your search for such a plywood ends here with Sylvan’s Fireguard technology

Check it out here: Fireguard Technology

Below are some more advantages of using Fireproof Plywood-

Regulates fire spread

If a building built on fireproof plywood comes in contact with fire, the heated plywood releases carbon char, carbon dioxide, and water. These elements are said to slow down the spread of fire

Lightweight Material

Fireproof plywood is proven to be heavier than ordinary wood, but that does not cause any issues regarding its mobility. 

Low Smoke Emission

In case of a fire outbreak, large amounts of smoke emissions might cause a bigger accident. The harmful gasses released with this smoke can also cause extreme suffocation. 

Using Fireproof plywood helps in reducing smoke emissions, thus reducing any further damage.

Timely evacuation

Woodwork is fuel to fire due to its combustion properties. If normal plywood is used in a building exposed to fire, there are fewer chances of people being able to escape in time.

As mentioned in a previous point, we know that the fire retardant chemicals resist fire during emergencies. This plywood helps to delay the spread of the fire, which means a person will get adequate time to escape from danger.

Easy Warping

This kind of plywood can be drilled, fastened, and overlaid. Hence, that makes it the perfect choice for any interior designer. It is also fireproof, leaving you with very few better options than this. 

Application of Fireproof plywood

This plywood can be used in your home or office to create beautiful structures, without worrying about longevity or durability.

  • You can use fireproof plywood in your kitchen to be safe from any sort of fire outbreak. Use this plywood on the kitchen platforms, dining tables, or other spaces where there are chances of a fire accident.
  • You can also use it in places with heavy equipment or wiring, like walls, table counter, ceilings, etc.


Choosing Fireproof Plywood should be the top one’s priority as a sure-shot safety measure. 

It becomes easy when you choose a quality product over something regular.

When we talk about Sylvan Ply’s Fireguard Technology, giving you 360-degree protection, be assured about having a termite, borer, fire, and waterproof home! 

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