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Top Features of Waterproof Plywood

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Plywood has been used on the interior and exterior of homes for a long time. They are multipurpose and are used in making various furniture. However, whenever we talk about the selection of plywood, the question “whether the plywood is waterproof?” comes up in the discussion. So, we’ll answer this question and help you understand waterproof plywood a little better.

Waterproof plywood has multiple valuable properties and is widely used as a building material.

This type of plywood has high strength because of its manufacturing process. Let’s take a deeper look at the waterproof plywood and its features.

What is Waterproof Plywood?

Waterproof plywood is engineered wood made with layers of wood called veneers. With the help of glue, two or more veneer sheets are stuck together under immense pressure and temperature. While manufacturing plywood sheets, wood grains are placed perpendicular in alternate layers.
A thin chemical coating is applied on the surface to keep the ply safe from water. This type of plywood is also utilized in making subfloors because it keeps moisture away from the floor and is primarily used in wet areas.

Types of Waterproof Plywood

There are several types of waterproof plywood manufactured for specific purposes. Let’s look at the different types below.

MR grade plywood

MR refers to moisture resistance. The MR-grade plywood is specially made for the bedrooms, living areas, study areas, etc. It’s made with high-quality hardwood timber, which makes it durable and imparts strength. Therefore, they are mainly used for residential and commercial purposes.

BWR Grade Plywood

BWR means “boiling water-resistant” plywood. To make it water-resistant, it is treated with phenolic resin and used for indoor and outdoor purposes. It is used in places where there is more exposure to water, like areas with high humidity and rainfall. They are also utilized in the kitchens and bathrooms. Note that BWR Grade plywood is water-resistant.

BWP Grade Plywood

The BWP grade refers to the “boiling waterproof” plywood. It is also known as marine plywood and is entirely waterproof. This ply is vastly used in the areas of producing marine operations. Because the water cannot damage the shape of the ply, it remains in good condition for a very long time.

Waterproof Plywood Features

It can be utilized in high water-exposure applications

It is used for exterior purposes and high-water-exposure applications. Mostly used to make outdoor equipment, they can also be utilized in the kitchen and bathroom areas of a house. The water-resistant plywood is also used to make boats, ships, etc., where water exposure is much higher.

Have more strength than regular wood

This kind of plywood has unique production and processing techniques. The process involves layering thin sheets made with wood veneers upon one another. With the help of an adhesive, each thin sheet is glued together at a temperature of 90 degrees.

Sometimes, the one-grain set can break because of overloading but is held together with other sets present in the perpendicular direction until it breaks. The strength of the plywood is greatly increased because of this unique production technique. In comparison, regular wood grains run in the same direction, making them weaker than water-resistant plywood.

Using high quality modified resin

Using some best-modified adhesives makes the plywood more durable and resistant to water. These adhesives are synthetic plastic resins of high quality. One of the resins that have good adhesion quality is a phenol-formaldehyde resin.
At Sylvan Ply, we produce waterproof plywood with undiluted resin. Thus, there is no compromise on the quality and strength of the plywood.

Safe from termites

The water-resistant plywood is also termite-free, which makes the furniture last a lifetime and keeps it strong. They ensure the best quality, durability, reliability, and aesthetic appearance. If you want to have some luxurious and exclusive furniture, you can use termite-free plywood.

Offers a good surface finish

The waterproof plywood is made with solid veneer wood. Thus, this makes the surface of plywood smooth and gives it a wooden appearance. It becomes more durable by using mica and paint. But it can also be used without applying mica and paint. It holds lamination well because it has a smooth surface. After gently grinding the surface with sandpaper, it can be painted and polished easily.

The Bottom Line

The waterproof plywood has a hard exterior and is highly resistant to water. These features are popular for dynamic purposes in commercial and residential fields. It would be helpful if you purchased furniture or wood pieces made with waterproof plywood to avoid having any problems in the long run. You can go to Sylvan Ply’s website and look through their plywood collection to find the best products for your home.

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