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A Comprehensive Guide to Different Types of Plywood Sheets – Sylvanply

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Are you looking for the best plywood for your home, office, or other projects? Finding the perfect plywood is an overwhelming task. There are different types of plywood sheets available in the market.

However, you should be aware of these various plywood sheets to make a more intelligent choice and make your home better. Here you will find the ultimate comprehensive guide for different plywood sheets. Use of Plywood across the world in building material is massive. 

Plywood is engineered wood categorized into layers and comes in three to thirteen layers. It gets manufactured by gluing three or more veneers together with an adhesive because that makes it robust . The durability and quality of plywood depend on its manufacturing process. It is essential to know different types of plywood to make a better choice while purchasing it. 

However, relying on the most established brand like Sylvanply will make more sense. Let us make your plywood shopping less complicated by making you understand the different types of plywood and introduce you to world-class plywood sheets from Sylvan Ply. 

List of Different Types of Plywood Sheets

1. Softwood Plywood sheet

Softwoods like redwood, cedar, etc., are important in manufacturing softwood plywood. Although the name suggests softwood, you can use it for exterior frame sheathing, subflooring, sheds, doghouses, shelving, etc.

2. Hardwood Plywood sheet

Hardwood is manufactured with three to seven layers of wood to give a solid, firm finish. You can use hardwood to make furniture, sporting equipment, musical instruments, etc. Birch plywood, Oak plywood, Maple plywood, Walnut plywood, etc., are hardwood plywoods.

3. Aircraft Plywood sheet

Aircraft plywood is the highest grade plywood that uses hardwoods like mahogany or birch. It can resist both heat and moisture. One can manufacture the most durable furniture from it.

4. Exterior Plywood sheet

As the name suggests, exterior plywood is resistant to wind, rain, and weather conditions. The use of weather and water-resistant glue is essential to make it. 

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5. Lumber Core sheet

There are three piles and two thin veneers on each side of the lumber core. The outer veneers consist of hardwood. It is excellent for holding screws. It is best suited for projects that need solid screws to keep.

6. Marine Plywood sheets

Manufacturers use water-resistant exterior glue to make marine plywood. It is resistant to mold, water, and other weather conditions by treating pressure preservatives. You can make outdoor furniture, planter boxes, benches, etc., with it.

Other Types of Plywood Sheets

There are other types of plywood such as commercial plywood, flexible plywood, decorative plywood, MR grade plywood, sanded plywood, veneer core plywood, composite plywood, overlaid plywood, and structural/sheathing Plywood. 

At Sylvan Ply, you will find world-class plywood sheets that will meet all your expectations. You can always rely on our high-quality plywood, its durability, anti-fungal properties, and 100% water-resistant quality. 

Z Plus Premium Plywood sheet

It is an exclusive and the most preferred product of Svlyan Ply. It comes with a lifetime warranty, 100% borer, and termite-proof, E1-emission, and maintains indoor air quality. It’s imported, durable, and also boiling waterproof plywood. Can make ceilings, partitions, cabinets, wall paneling, and more from it. And it also has an excellent mirror-like finish.

Oceanic Premium Marine Plywood sheet 

It is an excellent quality of plywood that withstands wetting, drying, saline seawater, and microorganisms. One can make furniture, kitchen cabinet, wall paneling, and more from it.

Make your home an abode free of tension, free from fungus, termites, better air, and impressive interiors and exteriors with Sylvan’s world-class Ply. We take pride in serving more than 70 years with excellent customer satisfaction. Call us to know more and make your dream home or project a wonderful reality.

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