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Undisputed Interior Decor Winners : The Blockboard

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Designing and executing the interiors of a space has layers of work that goes into it. The blockboard is a building material that should and will cover your list of absolute winners for interior decor. Not only are the opportunities and possibilities with what you can do with a blockboard is varied, the blockboard price too, should not be an issue for your pockets. Here, we’re going to discuss how blockboards are fabulous and can turn into key decoratives for your home or living space. 

What are Blockboards?

The primary difference between the blockboard and plywood, is that plywood has a softwood core in the center with thin layers of veneer sheets on both ends. The blocks or pieces that are scraped off, and remain as residue from plywood production are glued together to build up a blockboard. They are super easy to incorporate into your house, and will always leave you wanting for more in your space. Sylvan Ply has a premium and functional range of blockboards for you to choose from. 

The Sylvan Blockboard : Statement Pieces

One thing that holds immense value for your interiors, but goes unnoticed at times are statement pieces. We all know that they can make or break a space, but due to the lack of assistance or ideas most individuals do not end up incorporating statement pieces in their homes.

We don’t want you to miss out. There’s a sea of possibilities with a blockboard for your living room. Perfect for storage, you can accessorize your couch with a side table that has space to fit quite a few things that you might need to store. Our Oceanic Premium Club Blockboard is the perfect fit for your living room. It will add the necessary style and dimensional stability that your furniture requires.

You can look up blockboard price online, and take your decisions only after ample research. You can have yourself a wonderful statement piece made out of blockboards just with the right layering or veneer on top. 

Everything Has A Perk 

While there might be a lot of discussion and confusion around choosing plywood over blockboards and vice versa. However, every building material has a perk, based on their end goal. If you are looking for material that needs to be stiffer in nature (something very sturdy and long) like shelves, wardrobes or even benches – the blockboard is the right fit for you. 

Cozy Reading Room: Courtesy, Blockboard from Sylvan Ply

This idea is one to watch out for, especially if you have kids at home. In their growing stage, there would be nothing better than having a small reading room with cozy and functional furniture to go along with it. Blockboards would be an easy building material for the desk, and bookshelves. Make sure that the design is something that would make your kid want to be more in that room. Blockboards from Sylvan Ply are E1 certified making it a safer option when it comes to kids. 

Check out to see a wide range of plywood and blockboards that you can choose from!  

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