Wall Panels Can Give Your Home a Brand New Look

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What exactly are wall panels?

Wall panels are quite the trend when it comes to increasing the aesthetic appeal of any space. If you’re moving into a new home, and are looking for something to add just the right amount of aesthetic touch to it, wall panels are your saviour. People started using them to insulate their rooms, but in today’s time, most people use it to amp up their space. Wall panelling includes a lot of layers, and can be installed in more ways than one. 

  • You may use a metal grid to help screw the panels onto the wall.
  • Direct screwing to the walls can also work, in case of smooth surfaces and walls.

An Earthen Touch with Wall Panels

Are you all about browns and ochre and shades of yellow when it comes to home decor? Wall panels can be your one-stop solution if you want an earthen touch to your home. Striped panels can work wonders for your living room space, paired up with an all-beige and white rug. Also! Don’t forget to add nice warm lights to brighten up the space just as much is required. 

The Royal Affair

Blues, reds, and velvet – sounds right to you? Sylvan panels can be the correct kind of wall decor to match your interiors and furniture. The right colour variations, right tints, good texture options, and so much more that you wouldn’t need to look anywhere else. It will be further enhanced if you paint it differently. Ever. Smaller blocks or squares in the panel design with your choice of colour can transform your living room into something that looks vintage, and royal. 

Wonderland for Kids

We all know how tricky it gets to keep kids happy, especially when it comes to their space. Vibrant wall decor can brighten up any room. Experiment, try different combinations, and DO NOT be hesitant about your ideas. Choose wall panels with a neutral finish so that the colours can really pop out. You don’t have to worry about your child playing around the room. It is water-proof as well, so they can spill as much they want, and the ply will still look good as new! 

Extras: The insulating properties and easy-to assemble/installation make Sylvan’s wall panels worth buying. 

Sylvan Ply introduces fantastic wall panelling solutions for your home, and we’re just as excited to be a part of your decor, as you are about it! Check out www.sylvanply.com for more.

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