Wood Vs Plywood: Focusing On The Advantages Of Using Plywood

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The market for commercial grade wood is full of options that make it easy for buyers to choose the perfect fit for their requirements. However, when it comes to choosing the right wood for furniture, people often remain confused between solid wood and plywood.

What would you choose for your furniture? Solid wood or Plywood? To help you make this decision with relative ease, here is a detailed guide that discusses in detail the finer distinction between wood and plywood, and their respective suitability for your furniture. Read on:

Solid Wood vs Plywood

  • Composition
    Plywood is a kind of engineered wood that is manufactured by bonding together thin sheets of wood called plies. These are then covered with thin veneers or boards of wood on both sides.
    Wood, on the other hand, is plain simple slabs of solid wood. Wood is a larger category of material that can cover types like teak, oak, and mahogany amongst others.

  • Appearance
    Indeed, nothing beats the appearance of wooden-looks. It is inimitable in all manners.
    Plywood has a clean and decorative look that attracts people instantly. A polished and/or painted plywood has a minimalistic appearance that often works to tie the vibe of the entire room together.
    Solid wood has that natural grain look combined with the golden brown colour that is characteristically recognisable almost anywhere.

  • Moisture Resistance
    Wood is known to be a material that absorbs moisture, resulting in rotting, water damage, and warping. This is where plywood begins to take a lead in terms of a favourable material.
    Plywood is an engineered wood that can be made to be moisture resistant, and in the case of Marine Ply, waterproof. The various grades available in plywood are treated with different processes to add different levels f moisture resistance in the wood.

  • Affordability/Cost
    Wood is an expensive material because it comes directly from trees. The wood is shaped, treated, cut up into usable shapes like logs, and then sold for use in furniture.
    The reason why plywood is such a popular choice in commercial-grade wood is its affordability. Plywood generally costs less than solid wood and provides better durability, which makes it a superior choice for kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Availability
    Solid wood is a natural material, which means that it is not as readily available as one can imagine. While there is no shortage of trees in India, not all wood is furniture grade and the population of the trees that are fit for use is quite less.
    Plywood is an engineered wood that is made by glueing several layers of wood veneer bonded in different directions. These veneers are made from logs of wood peeled into thin sheets, making plywood way more readily available than solid wood. Truth be told, solid wood would have been extremely expensive today if plywood had not been introduced

The Wood vs Plywood debate has been going on for decades now, but the answer to what material you should prefer for your furniture is truly dependent on your intended use of the wood. If you are looking for the best plywood for furniture, Sylvan Ply is a leading manufacturer of premium quality termite and borer proof plywood with lifetime warranty. Send in your enquiry to talk to one of our experts today.

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