• Nurture Fresh Talent
  • Strong Work Ethics
  • Healthy Work Environment
  • Transparency
  • Effective Leadership Skills
Job Description:

Showcase your exceptional writing skills by drafting impeccable documents, content calendars for social media,
internal communication, and crafting engaging blog posts that resonate with our target audience. Infuse your distinctive writing style into our brand voice.
Agency Management: Collaborate confidently with external agencies, ensuring effective communication, project coordination,
and alignment with Sylvan Ply's objectives. Your keen eye for detail and understanding of our branding will ensure seamless collaboration.
Digital Marketing Insights: Contribute your understanding of digital marketing concepts to brainstorm innovative ideas and assist in executing online campaigns.
Collaborate with the marketing team to refine strategies and content.
Creative Design Coordination: Collaborate closely with our design team to oversee creative projects.
Ensure our branding consistency in all materials, from brochures to social media posts.
Social Media Savvy: Leverage your social media prowess to manage and curate Sylvan Ply's online presence.
Stay updated with current trends and apply your insights to enhance our social media strategy.
Learning and Innovation: Proactively stay informed about industry trends, cutting-edge tools, and evolving digital landscapes.
Implement new techniques to keep Sylvan Ply at the forefront of innovation.
Document Management: Maintain organized records, databases, and files. Ensure the accuracy and accessibility of critical documents.


Bachelor's degree in Communication, Marketing, English, or a related field.
Exceptional written and verbal communication skills in English, coupled with a creative flair.
Proficiency in drafting various documents, including official communications, reports, and blogs.
Adeptness in coordinating with external agencies and managing projects.
Good understanding of digital marketing principles and social media trends.
Familiarity with design concepts and branding coordination.
Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite and other relevant software.
Tech-savvy mindset and openness to learning new tools as necessary.
Strong organizational skills and meticulous attention to detail.
Creative eye for design and aesthetics.
Prior experience in content creation, agency management, or digital marketing is advantageous.