Fire Retardant Ply

Sylvan BWR Grade Fire Retardant Ply, It is manufactured in accordance with IS 710 & IS 5509. It has a perfect blend of fire-retardant and non-leachable properties, which has made it one of the top favorites. This fire-retardant ply is proven to be resistant to immediate ignition, spreading of flames on the surface, and flame penetration. This commercial ply is also resistant to fungi, insects, as well as pin-hole borers. Its low-flammable feature makes this plywood an exemplary option for a wide number of uses such as in kitchens, public food stalls, exhibition stalls, etc.

End Usage

Railway Coaches

Office Cubicles

Partition Panelling


Vehicle Bodies / Interiors

Public Food Stalls

Room and Wall Lining

Boiler Houses


Exhibition stalls

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