Best Fire Retardant plywood

The Fire Retardant technology in plywood is an outright revolution, coupled with safety and resilience. The customers at Sylvan Ply get their hands on the best solution in the firefighting plywood range across India through the recently introduced Fireguard technology.

The technology developed by us is entirely indigenous. It significantly reduces the risk of a fire outbreak while preventing the risk of spread during any mishap at your premises (office or home). Our plywood builds supreme fire-proof properties that look modern and enchanting.

How does the Fire-proof plywood protect you?

Fire-resistant plywood or FRTW (fire-retardant-treated wood) minimizes the chances of combustion, prevents penetration of the fire/flame deeper into its layers and extinguishes the fire automatically a few seconds after ignition.

Layers of strong fire-retardant chemicals are applied under pressure to render the “Fireguard” property in our plywood, and hence the name. Furthermore, these chemicals are applied as a surface coating during the dipping stages as well to ensure a desired sure-fire outcome. It is equally fascinating to note that our products along with fighting fire exhibit waterproof and weather-resistant properties as well, all while having their natural texture, quality and aesthetics unaltered and beautiful as ever.

Minimizes the risk of a fire outbreak while preventing the risk of its spread in case of such an accident.

By delaying the spread of fire, it gives a lot of time for people to get to safety.

The overall look of our plywood remains unchanged and attractive while also being fire-proof in nature and can be customized as per the customer’s choice.

It is cost effective, because at Sylvan Ply you get the best quality products at reasonable prices.

It saves the customers the trouble of having their home repaired/ restructured in case of an outbreak, as it prevents the outbreak from even taking place.

Due to its exemplary feature of fighting fire, it can be used at a variety of places like kitchens, public food stalls, exhibition stalls, etc.

Why should you choose Sylvan Ply with Fireguard Technology?

Sylvan Ply’s Fireguard technology has several advantages that hinge on providing all essential attractive attributes to your doors and homes while maintaining its 360-degree safety principle.

  • With Sylvan Ply’s Fireguard technology, you make a smart choice and add value to your home.
  • Using Sylvan Ply in your kitchen room allows you to enjoy cooking and relish the dish without worrying about fire outbreaks and boiling water spillage.
  • Sylvan Ply’s Fireguard technology is backed by a technology that does not emit toxic gas under heat exposure. Instead, it cuts down on the smoke caused by fire. Thus, nullifying the chances of suffocation or excessive carbon emission.
  • It comes loaded with self-extinguishing properties. As a consequence, once the source of the fire is removed, the plywood will have no fire on it as it will be extinguished automatically.
  • There are no additional costs incurred by our customers to buy fireguard plywood as we offer it on all our top-quality products.
  • All our products come with a warranty.

More than just Fire-proof

Being in the timber business since 1951 and advancing towards the plywood manufacturing industry in 2009, we at Sylvan Ply are experts in our field. With trust in the years of experience and all the hard earned customer goodwill, Sylvan Ply’s products are designed to last life-long. Our Fireguard Technology also encompasses properties such as anti-termite, anti-fungal and boiling waterproof proof, thereby making our products superior and robust.