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Gateway Hardwood

Sylvan Gateway Hardwood (Flush Door) is a quality product from the house of Sylvan Ply. It is manufactured in accordance with IS 2202 and it is made from high class selected imported hardwood timber with high density and selected core veneers. The layers are bonded with phenol-formaldehyde resin and glue line protector. The resin is manufactured at Sylvan Ply’s resin plant as per IS – 848: 2006 standards, using high-tech manufacturing facilities. Our quality to produce sturdy & long-lasting door

End Usage

Commercials Door

Residential Door

Key Features

Emission Level E11

Negligible emissions to ensure safe indoors

Imported High-density Timber

High Quality Preservatives

Borer and Termite-proof

Long Core

Hydroxybenzene Base Adhesive

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