Mr. Jai Prakash Singh, the esteemed chairman cum director of Sylvan PlyBoard (India) Pvt. Ltd., always wanted to contribute to the society in a significant way from a very young age. He was inspired by the people surrounding him, who were actively associated with social work and delivering their services to society. Right from childhood, he used to harbour a strong feeling to do something for our society’s socio-economically backward people. He believes in leading a simple lifestyle without any extravagance. This philosophy is also reflected in his work culture, where he practices the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with steadfast dedication.

"Without Social Values, Life is incomplete." - Jai Prakash Singh, Chairman of Sylvan PlyBoard (India) Ltd.

Although Mr. Jai Prakash Singh had been associating himself with many social endeavours, his first major achievement was the restoration of ‘Akhil Bhartiya Kshatriya Samaj’ in the year 2008. He had chosen this platform for his social welfare activities to fulfil his dreams of being an active participant in the social development sector.

Through this venture, he was able to achieve the following:
  • He succeeded in bringing together people, who had a similar intense will to serve the society; therefore fulfiling their desire to be of service to the society.
  • He transformed his ideologies into substantial work. In simple words, he turned his dreams into reality.
  • He successfully extended a helping hand to needful students, families, and society as a whole.

Our Chairman cum director, Mr. Jai Prakash Singh is the main driving force of our company with his philanthropist mindset and is the reason behind volunteering resources to a certain extent and sponsor various charitable initiatives.

Women Safety & Awareness Campaign

 Women have landed on the Moon, walked in space, been elected as Heads of States, they have proved themselves equal to men in every way, Yet they are not safe in their own immediate surroundings.

Therefore, with the help of Uttar Pradesh Police, we have taken the initiative called, “Shakti” to protect the women. At Sylvan Ply this has made us proud and keen to help more women around the country in the days to come.




Dealer Meet at Novotel

Participation at Park Circus Trade Fare

Participation at ABID Kolkata (Science city)

Product Presentation at Ranchi

Hyderabad Contractor Meet

Architect meet at stadel

Fellowship Meet of North Bengal

Cricket Tournament

Cricket Tournament Siliguri

Dealer Meet Chalsa

CSR Freedom Run

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