Import of Raw Materials

It is considered that the base of a manufacturing industry lies in its raw materials. Since the inception, the chairman cum director, Mr. J. P. Singh, from the Singh Group, plywood makers, realised the importance of best quality raw material-importing from the international market. Silvertoss Industries Pvt. Ptd. is the company that imports high-grade timber from the foreign markets and we at Sylvan Ply, obtain the raw materials from them for the manufacturing of plywood. Simply put, we are involved in the production and marketing of the plywood products within India.

American and New Zealand Pinewood made Block Board- fillers

We manufacture our block board- fillers with the American, and New Zealand imported wood. It allows the block-board more density than its counterparts. The resinous timber is highly fibrous, durable and termite resistant, which is mainly used for high-value carpentry. The low shrinkage capacity of the wood leads to more stability.

Finest quality of high- density timber

The timber, imported from the international sources, allows manufacturing the plywood of the best quality. The high-density wood gives the plywood a compact texture. The naturally straight grains of the timber makes the plywood warp-free with a dimensional stability.

Our Factories

The factory of Sylvan Ply is located at Baidyabati, Shrirampore, which is 45 Km from Kolkata. Equipped with the latest and highly advanced machinery and equipment, our factory is spread over a sprawling 100 acres. Apart from offering some of the most distinguishing features and innovative technologies, we proffer meticulous attention to details in every step of the way. Since our inception, we have procured extensive experience in every aspect of the production process and have incorporated necessary changes for the betterment of our services.

We adhere to stringent quality control norms at every stage, which ensures that our ply is free from all kinds of impurities and micro-organisms. It results in one of the most superior and finest quality plywoods, which is at par with the International Standards. We imprint our sign on each and every product with a great sense of achievement.

Quality resin developed in-house

The in-house PF or MUF resin plant of Sylvan Ply is one of the country’s most modern resin plants. The quality of the resin has been tested as per IS certification. This kind of resin, mainly used in the bonding of panels, gives excellent internal bonding strength and restraints decay under any climatic change.

Skilled Manpower

With a skilled and flexible workforce of 2500, Sylvan Ply has been able to successfully establish a brand name in the market. They have been playing a crucial role in the prosperity of our company. Highly trained and competent, they work in a clean and healthy atmosphere with an unwavering resolve to contribute in a meaningful way. Identifying the importance of teamwork, they work relentlessly to accomplish the goal of being recognised as one of the leading plywood manufacturers.

We at Sylvan Ply dedicate our success to our Marketing and Production Team. While our marketing team is involved in promoting the brand competently, our production team ensures the highest quality of plywood.

Research & Development

The Research & Development team at Sylvan Ply comprises of individuals, who are highly dedicated and qualified. With an absolute commitment to strong work ethics, they constantly focus on achieving new levels of excellence in plywood-making.

Our team works with immense enthusiasm and passion for bringing advancement in plywood production with the help of latest technology, adequate resources and the best manufacturing techniques in addition to rigorous R&D. Furthermore, our well-equipped modern laboratory for Research and Development assures a smooth flow of production and scope for the development of new products.

Quality is undeniably a key component in the growing success of Sylvan Ply, and our R&D team plays a prominent role in this area. Through years of research and methodical analysis at each and every stage, our team has mastered the art of superior manufacturing techniques while meeting the National Benchmark.

Dedicated Channel Partners

Our dealers and retailers are the ones who have made the products available far and wide for our esteemed customers. In addition to contributing to our growing prosperity, these people have also enabled us to spread our wings to various parts of India and build a credible brand name all over the country.

On the other hand, we make sure that this effective alliance is as fruitful for them as it is for us with consistent quality. Our channel partners have been catering to the market demands with tremendous dedication. We make sure to establish unbreakable bonds with them by supporting each other and contributing to each other’s growth so that both the parties can enjoy a lifelong relationship filled with integrity and sincerity.

Consequently, more and more people are joining our Sylvan Ply family by becoming dealers and retailers of this eminent brand. Along with possessing the traits of being passionate, committed, and earnest, every individual in our extended family has a strong will to strive for success in their professional life.

Loyal Clients

Sylvan Ply has become one of the top choices in terms of optimum quality plywood while it is the cordial cooperation of our clients that has inspired us to move forward with a heartful of energy to bring out the best service in the present competitive market. As a result, absolute professionalism is what people have come to expect from us. We strive to continue introducing the best products to oblige the requirements of all our customers with utmost efficiency and live upto all our promises.

Eco-friendly Ply

Sylvan Plyboard India Ltd. is widely adulated for its eco-friendly products and choices. We predominantly focus on environmentally-conscious decisions at every step of the way. Our distinguishing feature lies in our persistent and unrelenting resolve to make decisions while keeping the environment in mind.

Our credibility is built upon years of experience and dedicated research. We implement the usage of suitable pollution control devices like dust filter(s) and back filter(s), which reduces the emission of harmful gases such as carbon, etc. into the atmosphere and removes all dust particles that are generated during the process of cutting and sanding.

We also practice judicious use of water as we are aware of the fact that water is one of the essential natural resources. The Effluent Water Treatment Plant is a significant device in use at our plant that contributes to our pursuit of being absolutely eco-friendly. It treats and recycles water, which had been contaminated during various phases of the manufacturing process. Furthermore, it is an excellent technique to reuse wastewater or assure its safe disposal to the environment. Additionally, we at Sylvan Ply, are constantly researching in order to innovate new strategies, which would be instrumental in our bid to remain eco-friendly.

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