The Termite Free Zone


Sylvan Ply’s proprietary ATBS (Anti-Termite Borer Solution) is known for its durability and quality. Our plywood is chemically treated during the production process which helps repel termites and borer. The aim behind this is to keep your furniture and home protected from all kinds of disruptive elements.


  • Unprotected plywood or wooden structures can be at high risk if a termite infestation occurs.Once the termites start eating your furniture from the inside out, only early detection can save you. Sylvan’s ATBS plywood is chemically treated during the production process to completely eliminate the risk of termite and borer infestation.
  • Extractions from timber are treated to create an eco-friendly compound, which can, in turn, repel termites and borers. Speaking of defence against termites and borer, our in-house PowerSeal Adhesive acts as an additional barrier and provides an absolute level of protection, warding away everything deadly. Used in the entire procedure during the manufacturing process, each sheet is treated with the same adhesive, hence ensuring top-notch plywood for you.
  • In case of a termite attack, our defensive compound mixed with the plywood acts as a shield against the termites, preventing the infestation of your furniture or floors. After a certain period of time, the protective feature of Sylvan Ply’s ATBS technology results in the death of these termites.

Sylvan Ply ATBS Plywood's Main Inherent Advantages over Ordinary Ply:

Provides immediate protection to any furniture from termites, rodents, and pests

Lasts for several years, preserving the aesthetic appeal, quality and reliability of your furniture

Eliminates the problem of gaps forming in the protect barrier, preventing termites from entering the inner layers

Saves time & cost by offering unmatched protect against these insects who can ruin heavy, expensive furniture & fittings without knowledge

Blocks the entry of moisture into the wood, helping retain the integrity of furniture for a long period