E0 Certification

Our premium-grade products conform to E0 European Guideline for Formaldehyde Emission, i.e, they emit Formaldehyde less than or equal to 0.5mg/l. It means they are the ideal choice for use in an interior environment without the need for extra treatment. They are considered the safest and most health-friendly, saves you from respiratory and terminal diseases, finding multiple uses in home decoration and for making premium furniture.

E1 Certification

All our products conform to E1 European Guideline for Formaldehyde Emission, i.e, they emit Formaldehyde less than or equal to 9.0mg/100g, giving you utmost security when it comes to harmful toxins. This label on Sylvan engineered plywood products is your proof that they are unobjectionable for almost all types of interior finishing and furniture.

Quadra Press Advantage (Q4)

Sylvan Plywood features the Quadra Press Advantage - a 4-step pressing procedure for all the composed layers of ply - that provides unmatched dimensional stability and a Mirror Smooth Surface.

Power Seal Adhesive

An in-house Power Seal Adhesive delivers stronger, more durable, and premium-quality plywood. We manufacture it in a way such that it has properties to repel termites and borers and even resist fire.

Microbe Shield

The Microbe Shield ensures zero-microbe infestation in your plywood furniture. It protects your space from harmful germs and bacteria - a shield that smashes out everything deadly!

Hydra Shield

Our Hydra Shield Technology is best suited for furniture in moisture-prone areas along with outdoor placements. It protects your furniture from spills, leaks, and harsh weather. Our BWP (boiling water proof) and BWR (boiling water-resistant) plywood are aimed to give you top-tier quality furniture that stays protected throughout.

Dual Calibration

Our plywood sheets are calibrated from both ends with state-of-the-art machinery to ensure uniform thickness and even layers. The thickness tolerance is brought down to 0.50mm. This plywood, thus, becomes the perfect fit for laminated and modular furniture.

Mirror Smooth Surface

Sylvan Ply comes with the promise of plywood that ensures zero warped and flat sheets. Mirror Smooth Surface is the Sylvan Guarantee to you for high-quality plywood.

100% Tenderization

100% Tenderization of Sylvan Ply ensures that the post-production plywood will be softer and flatter in nature. It would further lead plywood uniform and easy to use in furniture.

Tetra Pro Tech

The Tetra Pro-Tech is a vital function in the factory. It entails the entire plywood production and treatment process, including complete tenderization, intricate core composing, multi-step pressing, and manifold calibration.

Weather Defence

Sylvan Panels are endowed with insulating properties that ensure that your space remains cooler during hot weather and warmer in cold temperatures.